Wide opening screen

On Mac laptops (and many other laptops), you can’t open the screen more to a certain angle, which in my opinion is absolutely nonsense.

I understand that Apple wanted people to just open their laptop and get ready to work without adjusting the angle, but believe it or not, some people are taller than others and their is no optimal opening angle for the whole humanity. Having to put my head down to be right in front of the screen as expected obviously hurts my neck after a couple of hours.

It would be great if we could open the screen up to ~180°, like on the Lenovos (something like this: TechnologyGuide - TechTarget).

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I agree, my neck gets sore as well

The Framework Laptop opens to 180 degrees. You can see this in some of the images on the home page:


I didn’t notice. This is great news!!

Thank you very much for your answer @nrp. Case closed! :sweat_smile: