Widget Screen Expansion Card

I am posting here per @Erik1 idea on the Unconventional FL EX Cards.

Originally pitched between @j_c1 and @Erik1 , this could be a card that showcases all kinds of information (i.e. cpu temps, battery status, wlan status, a symbol for unread mail) on a tiny e-Ink/LCD screen.

Here is an idea of how it could look:

I added a small button in it, and this one could flip the widgets on the screen (i.e. battery, emails, etc.) and each one can be custom made and added onto the screen.

It reminds me of the days when iBooks or Macbooks would have battery indicators in the body of the laptops too.

I also added some ports into it so that the expansion card does not go to waste and can also serve to at least give some ports. The graphic illustrates my wording better hehe


That’s great! I have a schematic and layout for an 8x8 LED grid Expansion Card for status notifications, but an e-ink screen would be fun.


Yeah LED matrix is probably a better idea for this. More possibilities and it’s self-lit. 8x8 would be pretty lacking though.


@nrp Thank you :slight_smile: that is awesome… I’d be cool to see a prototype of that EXP card! My knowledge in tech is sadly limited to basic computer assembly and photoshop memes to ever be capable of building my own expansion cards hehe


@Sxm_63 Seems interesting! I’d be cool if someone here that is smart enough to make these gives the concept a try… LED Matrix would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

i wanted this. this is epic


knowing nothing about the technology, would it be feasible to get a tiny one-colour laser-projector in an expansion card? Like a mini version of these laser keyboards. That might be another way to show widget-type information.


As nice as an illuminated display is, I think I’d prefer the e-ink for a battery display; e-ink can retain its image without power, so you could see how much power your laptop has without turning it on.


@Tim_Southwick I think the expansion cards will have an always on power source (as they’re usb-c)