WiFi 6 or 6E (preferred) m.2 2230 for laptop compatible with windows 7

is there any brand or model of WiFi 6E (if non available then WiFi 6) that has driver or compatibility for windows 7 and intel i7 CPU 11th gen even if it won’t be the same fast or limited speed if it was used on windows 10 or 11? i have a hobby of trying to install old or interesting OS’s with dual boot!

i will be ignoring people asking or responding about why i still want to use windows 7 in 2022 or about the computer is not being compatible with windows 7!

link of requirements for WiFi card " What WiFi parts are compatible with the Framework Laptop? "

Unlikely that you would find one, I doubt there would be any drivers out there as Windows 7 has been EOL’d.

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What about Mediatek/AMD WiFi 6e? Are there drivers for windows 7? Or have any other brands made WiFi 6e drivers for windows 7? I also found out that windows 7 extended kernel may make it work, does anyone know how to install windows 7 extended kernel or can anyone link a tutorial or YouTube video about how to install windows 7 extended kernel?