WiFi consumes 20W on 0 pkts/s even in flight mode

Just noticed that suddenly my wireless card (original AX210 no vPro version from Framework) started massively consuming power, for no particular reason.

I tried switching to the flight mode but apparently nothing had changed. Usually it takes around 1.5 W even in active mode.

I’m using Kubuntu 21.10 with TLP installed. My WiFi base station operates in 5GHz mode and is couple of meters away, signal level is around 83% to 100%.

Update: When I unplugged the charger and plugged it back again it dropped down to usual values of ~2 to ~4 W.

That may be a measurement error in TLP. It is probably not possible for the card to sink that kind of power.


The measurement was taken from the powertop output, but yes, I agree that it’s probably an error. Still I wanted to report that, just in case.