Wifi Issues

So in Windows 11 the wifi works just fine. In Fedora KDE 36 I am getting reasonable speeds, but on some sits, such as askubuntu, the page just refuses to load. I made another account and it does not load on that either. Google websites and most others work just fine too. They eventually load but it takes over 10 minutes, whereas most pages load under a second.

Is one or more of your listed DNS servers offline?

I notice a slight difference in DNS resolution behaviour between Windows and RHEL in my environment (specifically when first of the three listed DNS servers is down). Not sure if what you’re seeing is just a symptom variation of the same root cause…or not.

You may want to set a shorter DNS resolution timeout value:

Or maybe it has something to do with your DNS client-side caching.


I have everything set up as automatic.

In addition to @Second_Coming’s suggestion, have you also tried different browsers and importantly browsers that are not in the same “family” on Fedora? - for example, if you are using chrome, do you see the same results with firefox? I just tested on manjaro gnome with both firefox and chrome, and askubuntu.com loads immediately on each one.

I tried chrome, brave, and Firefox and get the same results on all of them.

Ok, so it’s not a browser issue. It looks like the IP address of askubuntu.com is - does it load more quickly if you go to the IP vs the URL? If so, something is up with your DNS. If not, then do you see different results for sites that work and those that don’t when pinging the url and when running a traceroute to it?

It says
"Fastly error: unknown domain: Please check that this domain has been added to a service.

Details: cache-iad-kjyo7100035-IAD"
when I go the the IP.

If you are using a VPN do you get the same results with it off? If you are not using a VPN, does changing your DNS to, for example, OpenDNS’s servers ( and or Google’s ( and help?

I followed https://developers.cloudflare.com/
and replaced tlp with auto-cpufreq and now askubuntu and discover load just as fast as they should. Thank you


Glad that you were able to get it working!

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