Wifi module not connected

Hi everyone,

I have a frame.work 13 (11th gen) for almost two years now and I have the following situation throughout the whole lifetime:

Frome time to time (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less), the wifi module (Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210) will just show as not connected (error code 45 in Windows).
As of yet, I was not able to recreate circumstances to make it happen on purpose, nor was I able to figure out what to do to make it work again.
It will happen under Linux Ubuntu and Windows as well. It will happen randomly, if turned off or in hibernation. Lately it will happen more often while the laptop is turned on in the middle of working with it.
For some time I was under the impression, that 3-5 restarts make it work again. For some time I thought re-installing the frame.work driver package does the trick. Now I think I have to power it down, physically press the laptop at the spot where the Wi-Fi module is and turn it on to make it work again.
I bought a new Wi-Fi module from frame.work because I thought it was simply broken. Turns out it wasn’t.

Intel seems to know about this issue, but also doesn’t seem to have a fix: Error Code 45 on Device Manager for Intel® Bluetooth® or...
This indicates the same is happening with the bluetooth module, which I saw being disconnected a couple of times, too. Since I do not use bluetooth on a daily basis, I really can’t say if it is affected as much as the Wi-Fi module.

I am getting crazy as it is stopping my workflow and sometimes takes 30 minutes or more to work again.

Did anyone experience this? Can anyone help me pin down the problem here? Thanks for any help or pointing in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to push this up again to see if there is anybody who can advise of more things to check or of anything to advance the error hunt. Thank you!


I don’t have any good advice for you, but I’d like to confirm whether you’ve contacted support about this.