WiFi no longer works after upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

Hi, I upgraded to 22.04 last night, and this morning when I turned my laptop on, I wasn’t able to connect to wifi anymore. At first, nm-applet would have wifi greyed out, but now it’s not showing up at all. All I’ve tried is running this automated post upgrade script including the section on wifi (though, I didn’t run this script after I installed 21.10, so I didn’t have to disable the workaround). Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get this working again?


In case anyone else runs into this, I got it resolved by updating my BIOS.

Yeah, the post-install script doesn’t do anything for WiFi unless you’re coming from very old 20.04. Also it’s interesting that you’re looking for nm-applet because I don’t think it’s used in Ubuntu 22.04. Certainly isn’t running on mine.

It’s not, I installed it manually cause it’s what I’m used to. I was running i3-gaps with some amateurish rice, so I didn’t have a lot of gnome tools available. I’m running into some new issues now. I just installed 22.04 from scratch, and was actually just gonna comment on your post install post to see if you had any insight. Gonna go ahead and comment there, so we can have any solutions documented there, though I’m really leaning towards downgrading back to 21.10 at this point.

Hey I have a similar issue with my WiFi described here :

Updating the bios only worked until I rebooted, is it still working for you ?


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I’m having the same issue with my Wifi as well, after the same upgrade. The connection drops at random intervals while I’m working. Usually turning aeroplane mode on and off again fixes it, but occasionally this doesn’t work. Mostly posting this so I see further updates if they’re made, but happy to post logs etc. if that’s useful.

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I was holding off on updating my bios but I was a bit worried that I might drain my battery on 3.06 and run into issues so I finally updated my dual boot Windows 10 install with drivers (that I originally thought contained the BIOS updated) and then the bios update itself. I rebooted into Ubuntu 22.04 which had been working well before then. I think wireless worked the first time in Ubuntu but the second time I suddenly discovered that my wireless device was no longer recognized: there is no device to turn on any more.

  • secure boot is NOT enabled
  • the wireless device IS enabled in the BIOS settings.
  • lspci shows Network controller: Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX210/AX211/AX411 160MHz (rev 1a)

I don’t have a solution to the wifi problem you are seeing but the following may help.
My Bios is 3.07, running Ubuntu 22.04 which installed with no issues and is running fine. I upgraded from 21.10.


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I connected an ethernet cord started what I expected to be a lengthy troubleshooting session this morning. As it turns out, I started in Windows 10 first and finished installing the latest update to Windows 10 - version 21H2. After it requested a reboot I rebooted to Windows to make sure everything worked, turned off the computer and this time booted into Ubuntu 22.04 - and the Wifi icon showed up and connected automatically to my home network! I just rebooted again to see if it would stick and it still appears to be working correctly. I speculate that perhaps because I updated the BIOS/UEFI from Windows that Windows set some flag (it seems to keep promoting itself in the boot order, for example) in the UEFI settings. And/or it updated some setting on the hardware itself.

This is all very weird and smells funny. :sweat_smile: