Will Framework Chromebook work with more than 1tb nvme?

I know the specs on the Framework Chromebook say up to 1tb nvme storage, but is it possible to put in a 2 tb nvme drive in? Will it cause issues or even work?

You can even put an 8tb one in there if your wallet can take it XD

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This feels like a good question for support. While the slot for the drive should support any NVMe drive, I cannot find any information on compatibility with the hardware/software, and that could limit you to a max drive space. (someone who knows better may be able to correct me on this, but support will 100% know the answer)

What do you need storage for on chromeos anyway? Isn’t the whole point that everything is cloud based?

no need to be rude about it, I’m sure they have a reason for it if they are asking (even future-proofing, or avoiding relying on cloud storage are acceptable reasons!)

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Wasn’t meant to be rude, genuinely curious. It’s been a long time since I used chromeos so I was wondering if there were practical ways to actually use local storage now. Only thing that came to mind was the steam on chromeos thing.

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Are there any differences between the Chromebook and the regular ones besides the OS? So couldn’t you technically just install Windows or Linux on it?

There are some differences but pretty sure at least linux should still be install-able. Then there would not be a potential storage limitation though.

In addition to steam, another reason for additional local storage would be if the “crostini” linux environment is being used. It doesn’t have to use a lot of space, but if one had multiple VMs that could use up more storage.

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