Windows 10 freezes

After the computer is on for a while (a few hours) the system totally locks -no mouse movement , no ctrl-alt-del (task manager). Any ideas would be appreciated.

This error code is a unexpected shutdown/restart.

Just happened again an hour after rebooting. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Is this a problem?

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What i’d do is, live boot off USB, run a mem-test. for at least 4 passes of all your memory. Then i’d check drivers on your install. Is this laptop a clean install on a clean drive? which drive? Was it a full build you purchased from or a DIY laptop? Is the drive old or new? Does it lock up / hang when you boot from some other USB drive? say, knoppix, or ubuntu live or other. You should be able to use that os for awhile and see if similar happens. Was your windows install always doing this? Have you installed updates lately? have you installed the driver pack from Are you using the beta bios or the shipped one? Do you have any tools installed that will show you thermals? Is the laptop on a hard surface, are the fan grates not blocked. Are there any peripherals plugged into USB? If so, does similar happen when everything is unplugged, including all modules? Are you using the charger that shipped with it (the offical charger). Lots of things could be the cause. Is your RAM seated correctly. Sorry, its a lot, but many things could be a potential cause. Sorry for the frustration, its not great when things dont work. Just trying to get an idea of what direction to go here.

Do you have a link for a boot/memtest USB file?
This is a DIY, new drive.
I don’t think Win was always doing this. I have not installed updates, but don’t know if Windows did. I did install the driver pack from Framework. Unit has the shipped bios. It’s on a hard surface, so fan grates aren’t blocked. There was a usb mouse plugged in but it happened again without it plugged in. Yes, stock charger. I believe the ram is plugged in properly, but a mem test would show something is wrong, right?
Is there something in the system log that would give us better clues?

Here is a link, but I realize I have not used memtest on the laptop yet. For what I can tell, it boots into UEFI only, and you’d have to use the latest image from: MemTest86 - Download now!
There are instructions there for creating a boot USB. I haven’t done this myself, though i’m curious and will try it later to see how well / if it works.
Win10 installs updates on its own, so hard to tell what has happened there. Good to know it may not have always done this. (I’m mostly trying to figure out if its a hardware issue vs. software). The memtest should show issues, yep. You could check the logs as to when and which updates have been installed. I don’t know a ton about win10 though, so someone else, weight in if you know better. I assume you can roll-back updates, and if you can, you can postpone updates in the settings for at least a week. Which, if you can uninstall updates, then postpone them, see if that helps. Depending on how I would feel, I’d try creating the memtest, or just try uninstalling any potential updates and seeing what that does. (lazy troubleshooting method). Another thing I’d consider (radioactive version) is, burning it to the ground, re-installing, then postpone updates and use it for a bit to see what happens (before installing the driver pack then after installing, but both after disabling updates for a week or whatever the max time is). [best case, test mem, then disable updates, rollback updates and see if issues still occur]. Though, i’d maybe just try rolling back updates and postponing so i can continue to use the machine, and see what happens :slight_smile: (again, lazy troubleshooting)
Sorry for rambling, let us know what your trying. I’ll let you know what i see testing the newer uefi memtest. (though, if it wasn’t an issue immediately, the memory issue is less likely.)

Unfortunately those “Critical” errors are just logged by the system when it starts up again after an “unclean” or forced shutdown. So it’s just telling you that you held the power button down to turn the thing off, nothing more. You could look at the full log and look for the last things logged before a hang/restart for a clue, though it’s no guarantee.

Checking your memory as someone suggested is probably a good idea if only to help rule out bad stick(s) as a culprit. MemTest86 is sort of the standard, you can flash it to a USB stick and boot from it. I believe Windows also includes a “Windows Memory Diagnostic” tool that will run on reboot that you could try.

Thank for the info… I’ll give the memory test a try.