Windows 11 22H2 Intel DSA

Just and FYI.

I’m running a batch 4 i71165G7 with Windows 11 (22H2) and I have installed the Intel DSA tool to automatically update all of the intel WiFi, Bluetooth, and Graphics drivers. This week I noticed that DSA was recommending that I download and install Intel Arc Graphics Windows DCH Driver for Arc series A graphics cards. DSA gives you the option to hide the updates to it wills stop requesting the driver update.

I installed it (, no issue on my end (1185g7, Windows 10 21H2).

It seems to be the natural progression of unified drivers…

From the release note:

In short, this driver is not only for Arc.

Just note though: I’ve observed about an additional 650mW power consumption while idle with the Arc Control background processes. So I’ve disabled it from auto startup. Or just don’t install Arc Control during installation.

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@Rupert_Woods, are you saying you’ve experienced functional issues with the driver, and that it should be avoided?

It won’t download via the DSA tool. Keeps erroring out. So I’m waiting for the next driver update.

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For those who wants to download it from Intel directly (without DSA):


The ARC bit is junk, you can uninstall it. The driver is fine. Leaves the Intel Control panel alone.

Is anyone else getting a prompt (from Intel) to download the following:

Intel Arc Graphics Windows DCH Driver: for Intel Arc A-Series Graphics
Release date October 11th, 2022.

I would assume this is an error as the 11th gen Intel chips don’t have an ARC-based GPU. Unless Intel has changed the branding on it?

I ran the intel driver update app a couple of days ago and it just installed the usual driver.

ohh just ran it again…yeah Arc driver…yikes…they are meant to be total dogsh*t. Maybe/hopefully its now just comes under ARC for all GPU drivers.

3430 drivers to 3490 ARC drivers. So probably okay. Just a rename.

Hold on…1.3GB of driver package??? Bloatware ahoy :grimacing:

Now installing…

Installs graphics driver and Arc Control Centre.

Yup ARC is just bloatware. Uninstalled. Driver remains.

@moderators: maybe a merge?

For the record, if you look at the release notes, yes the driver you installed is for iGPUs as well as ARC GPUs. You can safely uninstall ARC Control since it means nothing to you.

Update, after downloading the most recent Patch Tuesday Cumulative Update for Windows 11, I was able to install the Intel driver updates with no issues.

Intel D&SA recommending this again. It contains both the correct integrated graphics driver and the Arc control panel program. If you tell it to install, it gives you the option to customize the install and you can deselect the Arc program and just install the driver.