Windows 11 crash. Anyone get a WHEA Error: a fatal hardware error occured?

Yeah, maybe a degradation of thermal paste? It’s been fine both on the table and docking station for more intensive activities.

Had you tried with other memory? Perhaps something not from crucial?

So @Xavier_Jiang suggested a completely new RAM.
Bought a Kingston KVR32S22S6/8 based on this compatibility list since it was on sale.

Absolutely no issues. Turns out it only happens to the 2x8GB RAM sold by framework. Even the backup RAM sticks I bought from Framework have the issue. Man, such a bummer, should’ve bought a cheaper stick before getting a replacement from Market Place.

very interesting.
Does one crucial stick work? in any one of the slots?
Does mixing a kingston stick and a crucial stick work?
(you can do that, because ir’s a dual channel memory controller, it can tolerate slightly different RAM in settings)
can you decrease the RAM clock for stability? or will it just not work?

So far the only reasonable conclusion is that, assuming the sockets are good, are that the crucial sticks are bad.
Which I don’t want to believe, given how much laptops Framework have made already.

One stick does not work.
As part of talking to Framework support, I did multiple Memory learnings, where I would input different combinations of the Crucial sticks I owned (bought 2 replacement sticks from Framework to support them). All of them failed.

Mixing the sticks doesn’t work either, still crashed.

I haven’t tried reducing ram speed, but I’m not sure how to do that.

And yeah it’s a shame, after all this i got sent to the Crucial support. Should’ve just gotten other compatible ones from Amazon in the first place.

7.5 months…still facing memory issue…I would have returned everything and order everything starting from scratch again if I were still having memory issue in the 2nd week.

(For example, sometimes you just don’t know if your unboxing environment has static or not…and may had shocked all the components during unboxing)

i.e. Keep that ‘return period’ rolling until hardware is tested stable.

Good(?) News.
Not the ram sticks. It’s a faulty socket.
Finally experienced the crash with the Kingston and not the Crucial. Specifically on the left slot.

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Warranty time for board swap.

That’s a lot of patience for putting up with this for so long. Hardware issues should have been sorted out within 2 weeks.

I stuck in on a mount so I never had this issue since then, basically using it as a all-in-one. But it finally happened while mounted. Adding to that, I’m visiting another state and not using the mount. So I REALLY feel it lol.