Windows 11 Display appears HDR Oversaturation

Running Windows 11 22000.346.
The laptop display appears oversaturated for normal graphic (non-video) elements. Display Settings suggests that HDR is turned off.
This is important because as I understand it, this is an 8-bit color display capable of HDR during video playback, but the video would be downsampled to 8-bit.

An example of this would be graphical elements are difficult to read and pictures look very down sampled. The other aspects of the display appear normal.

I’ve redownloaded the newest driver pack and reapplied and don’t see any issues with the Windows device list.

Unfortunately, with Windows 11 being very graphical in nature, failure of the graphics subsystem means the device is very difficult to use.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Can I get a verification that this display is truly 8 bit? Also, Would it be down sampled to 8 bit for HDR or would FRC be involved to attempt 10 bit color?

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