Windows 11 Touchpad doesn't disable while typing

Running Windows 11 current on all Windows Updates on 12th Gen Intel. I installed the driver pack Framework_Laptop_12th_Gen_Intel_Core_driver_bundle_W11_2022_07_26

The touchpad doesn’t disable when typing, and it’s maddening.

I have a dual boot with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and there the touchpad work as expected! It turns off while I type.

From googling it seems like it’s Windows default behavior to disable the touchpad while typing but it’s not happening. The disable while mouse enabled does work.

Curious because I am running WIndows 11 on my 12th Gen as well and it works.

Do you know if you have the option to turn the cursor off while typing enabled? I know it is doesn’t seem relevant, I’m just curious.

Yeah I played with that, it was on when I initially looked at that but it doesn’t seem to make a difference on or off.

Does the mouse cursor disappear when you start typing?

Try reinstalling (from a fresh download) the driver bundle. If the trackpad driver isn’t properly installed, the laptop sees it as a PS/2 keyboard and mouse so it doesn’t disable the trackpad.

(Credit to DHowett for this answer I 100% stole it from him)


The mouse cursor doesn’t disappear and I can move it while typing

Tried reinstalling the drivers, same behavior

I didn’t realize there was a driver bundle we needed to seek out. Where do I download that from?

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Thank you!

What is your touchpad sensitivity set to?
(Same option for Windows 11)

Most sensitive completely disables palm rejection, aka not disabling the touchpad while typing!

Ok so when I initially played with it, before I posted this article, it was set to “Most Sensitive” and I now when I went back I saw I had left it at medium.
It’s on medium and still able to see and move cursor while typing

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