Wish the USB-A port was slightly more reinforced

Dropped my laptop from maybe 3 inches high onto my desktop keyboard this morning while rushing out (yes, my fault I know). Noticed the USB-A port now has a nice divot…maybe the next hardware revision should have a little re-enforcement? The actual port is fine, this is just the aluminum around it.

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Well, I guess the good news is you can replace the port fairly cheaply! :smiley:


It’s a cosmetic thing since the port is working fine and the housing for the actual port is fine. I’ll probably replace it at some point but hoping that a future hardware revision will address this small problem.


All of $9 (or is it8). I think I would prefer the part easier to replace than more costly manufacturer. I think Framework has found a good balance on that end.

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I remember dropping my MacBook Pro 2015 and causing a similar problem. It caused enough cosmetic damage that it was never worth reselling vs keeping on using it.

Here you can replace it :slight_smile:

Flat, pliers like these are useful for correcting dings.

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Was able to somewhat fix it using the jimmy tool from iFixit. It’s almost not noticeable now.



@Tomato it adds character.


If that was a mac you would have to throw it away. :stuck_out_tongue:


If that was a mac it would be in my queue right now. :rofl:


The power of Aluminum.


Fwiw I’ve noticed that the USB-A cartridge is the only one that seems to be slightly loose. I can wiggle it just barely but it’s enough that if I tape on it it rattles slightly. All the other cartridges are surprisingly solid – much more than I expected. But the USB-A port rattles just slightly which honestly is what I would have expected.