Won’t power up after sleep - Power button blinking

11th gen. Have not had problems in the past and laptop has been solid until now.

Laptop was asleep and plugged into power. Came back to use the laptop, opened the lid, tapped space bar, pressed power button. I cannot get the computer back on.

Power button is blinking slowly white. Side LED is solid white. Keyboard is lit and fn+spacebar cycles through backlight.

Just a black screen. Tried Ctrl + Alt + F2 which usually works if there is a Linux desktop problem.

Running Garuda (arch) with LTS kernel.

Any idea how I can fix this?

(I know I can hold the power button for 15s or something, but I’d like to avoid a full reboot)

See here:
Weird intermediate sleep state - Framework Laptop / Linux - Framework Community

Circling back on this issue. I switched away from Garuda and went to Arch and I haven’t had any issues. Battery life is actually really great now and the laptop sleeps like expected.

I have a 12th gen on order now and this 11th gen is going to one of my kids now.