WooHoo Upgrade time

  1. Speaker Kit - 80dB kit
  2. Antenna Module
  3. 4.0kg Hinge kit
  4. 64 gig of ram
  5. new awesome green bezel
  6. 512gb to 2 tb 970 evo ssd
  7. Mainboard (11th Gen Intel® Core™) i5-1135G7 to Mainboard (13th Gen Intel® Core™) - i7-1360P
  8. dbrand obsidian skin - the verdict on this still in process.

Now I should be pretty set up for 3 years of future updates

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Sound like a nice upgrade!
What’s your plan for your old 11th gen mainboard?

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Awesome! Exciting stuff. I pre-ordered AMD. I’m excited for the performance and such, but I’ll be honest, after many years of building desktop PCs based on Intel and AMD hardware, I tend to have fewer odd issues with Intel hardware. Could just be a fluke.

I’m also curious what your plans are for the old mainboard. Project? Sell it?

honestly, I am most likely gonna sell it. Thro me a decent offer and we can horse trade.

If you don’t sell it on here, there is reddit.com/r/frameworkmarket. And of course, some boards sell on ebay.

Has there been a change to the antenna module since the 11th gen? I’m curious, I don’t remember hearing about that.

Well funny thing you should ask. I thought I had ordered a non-chrome book antenna and I received a chrome book antenna and it worked great.