Would love a dual screen Framework

Or to be more precise, I’d love to be able to convert my original FW13 into something like this:

Appreciate it wouldn’t be cheap: new shell, second display, new keyboard case and some new internals, but I’d just love the format. Not interested in touch screens so that’s not a problem, but I bet it wouldn’t be a simple project, needing custom internals, and it sounds like Asus had to create some custom software for things Win 11 doesn’t handle. But I love the stand that allows it to have two screens one above the other, or portrait side by side.

You could remove the metal plate and use those screws as the basis of your display case, and use the connection of that plate for the screen(if there’s enough bandwidth, I’m not sure) you do gain some extra millimeters by taking the plate out for sure. I would love to use the 4k display from an original galaxy chromebook, with pen support in the input deck, and that’s thin enough to work. Where you put the controllers for it is an interesting problem

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