Would you like to see Framework to offer additional warranty than what's provided with the laptop purchase?

For those who purchased a Framework Laptop, either a 1-year (North America) or a 2-year (EU) warranty period has been provided with your purchase.

Would you like to see Framework to offer additional warranty options? e.g. Extend the warranty period / duration.

  • Yes, I would like to have my laptop covered for more years than just 1 or 2 years, for a fixed price.
  • No, I’m ok with paying for the exact part(s) that needs replacing as I go.

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I am OK since I am in France I get a 2 year warranty. To me it is the minimum. This means the product must be reliable. Unreliable products fail before 2 years. Usually after 2 years it is often wear of the material. They should set 2 years for USA aswell, I think they don t want to take the industrial risk for now, it will come up maybe next year when they have a low failure rate like below 5%/ year.
Moreover I know I can repaire it, so in real life if you tell me “pay extra 60€ for one more year”…I would thing “this is the price of ordering a new trackpad or keyboard”…why would I pay it in advance " ?
I think warranty makes much more sens on device you cannot repair.
1 to 5 years full service 48H back & return via post would be nice for most people, since most people don t know and want to open a computer ! Maybe ~30 €/year

Conerning durability, and how long I can use this device- having 2year - I am more concerned on BIOS updates. After 2 years no BIOS updates means big problem upgrading to Ubuntu 24.04 in 2024 for example. Therefore, I thinkk we need at least 4 years BIOS update commitment (5 years beeing the standard in pro laptop):

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It’s not just about the warranty ‘period’ (it was only an example).

Other things could include accidental drops (e.g. cracked display panel), water damage (with some exclusions), premature battery issues…etc. Then there’s the on-site services for people who don’t want to deal with the repair themselves (not everyone is a DIYer).

Me picking up the screwdriver



Looks like I’m in the minority then. Kind of sucks (for me) though that it’s not available as an option…regardless how many people may / may not need it. What if I get a melted MOSFET at 13 months?

I assume we’ll get optional longer warranty/support periods in the near future. This will be especially important to business customers, who are just starting to be accepted by Framework.

Remember that Framework is pretty new and they can’t probably risk it to give long warranty to products when they have no experience with how long some components (like the mentioned mosfets) last in real life circumstances with random chargers or eGPUs or in various other unpredictable environments or how often they fail.

Also, the price to replace a mosfet is probably lower than the extended warranty would be, or maybe on a similar level. It’s probably not really worth it. Considering there have been maybe 10 reports total of melted mosfets (rounded up considering not all will be publicly reported here) of the thousands of customers.

Warranty usually covers a period…as opposed to single targeted incident.

Also, warranty is partially a matter of convivence… Having the skill to repair something, doesn’t necessarily means wanting to handle it every single time. Kind of paying to get rid of the hassle.

Whether one picks to have additional warranty coverage is a matter of choice…but at least ‘have’ the option to even make a choice possible…that would be nice. Right now, there’s no option, no choice.

Warranty is kind of like health / life insurance really…one would think…with a higher success rate of a functional / healthy outcome.

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That’s all you mentioned and the topic title. Do you mean insurance from user damage like

Different regions around the world seem to have slight variation of the wording…due to the legal system and local language interpretation…and complexity of the coverage. But yeah, warranty / protection / coverage / care package… essentially, pre-paid a fixed fee to have hassle free repair experience.

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I had a 4 year extendied on my children’s Dells when they were at but I’m not sure it covered accidental damage. So the idea would be warranty for 4 or 5 years £199 with accidental damage £450 :slight_smile:

Yeah, and it would be nice to be able to choose what each person needs.

For example, the following coverage is under 10% of the machine cost (of course, that does depends on what the machine is):

Having ‘options’ is what Framework is partially about…so naturally having additional warranty / coverage options should be on the roadmap…just a matter of when really. IMO.


Warranty coverage is basically insurance. Businesses like fixed pre-planned costs rather than unexpected costs.

There are independent insurers that give you 5 year warranty on anything but their rates reflect the fact that they are willing to insure the lowest quality product in existence.

Brand names that make hardware to last because they plan to offer extended warranties typically can provide better extended warranty rates. I would expect Framework could too if they wanted to get into that business but it does require some planning and pricing estimates to be done.