WSL2 (Windows 11) issues - Framework 13 13th Gen

WSL is great for allowing you to have your cake and eat it too, but what I am noticing is that my Linux applications are dying in weird ways when resuming from standby or hibernation. I am wondering if anyone else is noticing these things? Did you find a way to mitigate the problem?

As an example I have Dino IM running and working just fine. I hibernate, and when I come back the window is gone. Looking at running processes in WSL Ubuntu I see that it is still running. I can only get it back by killing the pid and restarting Dino.

This appears to be this issue:

Which has been a thing since 2022. No real solution in sight just yet. I guess this is some nice evidence of just how valued MS sees your Linux session on Windows.

I have Windows locked down and as a result don’t get automatic updates. I did run a
wsl --update and so far I have not had any issues. I am hopeful this is something that has been corrected and that MS just forgot to the close the issue.

I’ll report back if this is not the case.

Edit: it did not. You still have to kill the process or kill wsl. Really getting old.

I can report that this is not an issue on WIndows 11 AMD 5950X CPU.