Youtube video's randomly restart after being idle for a few hours

OG Framework Intel i7-1165G7
64gb ram
Windows 10
Chrome Browser

I have only experienced this on the framework but it could be completely unrelated to it. I have noticed that after I have finished a YouTube video but leave the played video browser up that after a few hours and with out hitting the mouse or any buttons that the video will start to play again. I will be physically out of reach of the laptop and the lid closed or open and the video will start to play again. Some times I’ll even be watch the video and it will actually restart in the middle.
Has any one else experienced this or am I alone in this? Is this a YouTube issue rather than the Framework?

This may be a browser issue reloading the page. Check for updates from Chrome, and if you’re up to date, try to repair it through Windows or simply reinstall. Try another browser as well like Firefox, OperaGX, or Edge and see if it persists.

The “restarting in the middle” of the video part sounds like a YouTube feature where it “picks up where you left off”, though not exactly and usually in longer videos does it “save” a random point that you have reached in the video so you can get back to it when you load the page again - making it sound more like your browser reloading the tab. Is the tab in focus or is another tab? Does this occur with the browser minimized? What about in sleep mode or if the computer is locked (if you have it setup to do that when the lid is closed)? Does your internet connectivity drop and reconnect often?

I’m a trucker so I often leave the browser open when I start driving and I’m sure that the cell network losses signal often during the day but I have had this happen sitting in a hotel with no signal drops. I am sure this is a YouTube glitch but I figured i’d ask just in case.
Also I do run dual monitors so that’s probably way it doesn’t matter if the lid is closed.

There’s a Chrome setting, in the Performance section, called Memory Saver. You can either turn it off completely or add Youtube to the always keep site active list