11th Gen BIOS 3.09 Beta release

I agree that the content can be improved.

As someone who was not familiar with what “EFI Shell” or “LVFS update” meant it took me a minute to understand that the Linux section describes two different ways of getting the update… and not one very long single procedure.

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Not sure if this is BIOS 3.09 related, but I noticed something strange with the power button LED today. I had left the laptop plugged in overnight in sleep mode with the lid closed, and when I opened it today, the power button LED was blinking as if the laptop were still in sleep mode. Everything worked completely normally, but even putting the laptop to sleep and resuming again didn’t change this. The LED only went back to normal after a full reboot, and I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior since. This is not really an issue since the effect was purely cosmetic, but I thought I should mention it in case anyone else has this or it’s a regression with 3.09.

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it’s a BIOS update, it’s linux, and we’re talking about a one-year-old product. LVFS has been introduced and it’ll probably be stable soon and it will be “the recommended way”

Today it failed to charge while powered on with the lid closed in s2idle. It was around 60% when I put it on the charger, and 56% with the solid orange LED when I opened it up two hours later. I don’t know what to make of that.

My average power use has dropped by about 2W since I updated from 3.07 to 3.09. I have no idea why, but I’m not complaining. No issues with charging, though I usually hybrid-sleep, so haven’t tried charging the the laptop powered off.

Running Manjaro Linux with kernel 5.15.53 on an 11th Gen Batch 5.

This is ongoing. Now with the lid open, I’m seeing the system repeatedly switch back and forth between charging and discharging, stuck around 53%. Is this a coincidental hardware failure, or 3.09?

What if you rollback to 3.07? …assuming all your MOSFETs are doing OK…

i updated it from windows
before that i had 3.07
i haven’t see much difference only the problem with charging when it is off

I’m not seeing a failure to charge during sleep or during fully powered up operation on 3.09 on my i5 11th gen. Very strange.

So I’ve rolled back all the way to 3.06, because that’s what LVFS offered me, and it seems to be behaving well again.

@Kieran_Levin I’m afraid there might be more going on with this bug than what you’ve documented, because the “wait 2 minutes” did nothing for me either.

Yes, this problem (not charging while powered on) only showed up today after using 3.09 for a week.

That’s good…at least you know it’s not the hardware.

Yes I have a related issue with new magnetic charging cables, I bought a batch and when used on the Framework they all fail. The manufacturers have said the only other complaint was also from a Framework owner, though support has told me the two issue are not ‘related’

BIOS 3.09 still requires 12+seconds to hard restart the machine? I thought @nrp talked about reducing that?

I timed it again, the 8 seconds is more correct. No idea if it changed or I just timed it badly before.

I recall that too. But I think it was “something to consider”…with no specific on commitment and timeline. Or maybe there’s commitment…but no timeline.

Found it, here:

True, I had not seen it stated like a promise that it would be changed. Just a good idea, but not a critical showstopper by any stretch of the imagination. Bringing it up was also my way of saying, don’t forget about this amongst the way more important things Framework has going on lol.

Hmm. Not according to the embedded controller: PWRBTN_DELAY_T4 controls how quickly the EC switches into PWRBTN_STATE_NEED_SHUTDOWN, which after a tick or two of the power button task forces a shutdown.

Thank you for that. Tested on the laptop just now. It’s at 8 seconds, in alignment with the code.

I’ve noticed that after updating to the 3.09 BIOS that my machine won’t power on now unless I plug it into the wall not matter the battery charge level. This has happened not only after about a week but approx. 24h

We’re now at the start of ‘next’ week. Looking forward to the new update. :slight_smile:

After the update to BIOS version 3.09 my thunderbolt docking station TB3TRIPLEDOCKPD from i-tec randomly loses connection. Usually it connects again after a few seconds without further intervention. Before the update I did not observe this behaviour and the connection used to work for several hours without any interruption.

I’ve tried different cables, different usb-c expansion cards in different ports, but every time the loss occurred again. So I don’t think the reason is hardware degradation coinciding with the update.

Does anybody have similar problems? Is there a workaround that I could try?

I’m using Debian sid with kernel 5.18.5-1 on i7-1165G7.