11th Gen Mainboard Availability

How long will the 11th gen mainboard continue to be available on the Marketplace? I may need to replace my mainboard, but I want to stay on Windows 10. My problem isn’t urgent. It’s quirky USB ports for which I have workarounds.

I’ve been slowly investigating the problem over the last year-and-a-half (yes, it’s still in an active customer support ticket :slight_smile: ) and am interested in eventually overcoming it. I’ve already replaced the mainboard, however I’m thinking I may need to try another replacement. I’m not in a hurry, though, unless I need to get an 11th gen mainboard before they run out of stock. Then I’ll want to accelerate my plans.

Thanks for any info!

Keep your eye open for those current users wanting to upgrade, especially to 13th Gen

Actually, yeah, obtaining a used 11th gen mainboard that doesn’t have any USB problems could be another important debug step :slight_smile:

I’m still curious, though, whether Framework will continue to stock 11th Gen Mainboards or whether they’ll only be available “while supplies last”.

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This is all just my thoughts, and I have no insight into Frameworks inner workings, but I would think that once the 13th gen Intel and AMD boards are available, Framework will probably start looking to sunset the 11th gen boards. From how well they’ve communicated in the past, I would guess that they would publicly announce when they stop production, and that would essentially give the community a “get one before we sell out the last of our stock” warning.

I would have thought they had stopped production and are just cleaning out the bins.

Possible! They’re still selling new condition 11th gen mainboards, so either they have a lot of back stock, or they’re still making them.

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Or very few people are interested in buying them. I assume most would get a 12th gen at this point or preorder a 13th gen or AMD one.

With the RTC|CMOS battery quirks (to put it mildly) how many people would want an 11th Gen ??

OH! and the 12th gen comes with an upgraded display chassis

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It’s just about Windows 10 compatibility for me. What’s the deal with the 12th gen and Windows 10 anyway? Does it just not work optimally? Are there no official drivers for it?

I’m also worried that if anything goes wrong with Windows 10 on a 12th gen mainboard (e.g. Quirky USB ports), it will be blamed on an unsupported configuration :slight_smile:

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It was quite an ugly shock updating to Win 11 but I got used to it pretty quickly. Do you have a special reason for wanting Win 10?

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Alternative (if it works for you): Wait for 13th gen, get 13th gen OR 12th gen with price drop, run Windows 10 in a VM.

I like sticking with older versions of Windows for as long as possible because I know everything works. I didn’t switch to Windows 10 until I got this Framework at the end of 2021! And sure enough I couldn’t run Photoshop CS3 anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Although, that was the fault of Adobe taking down their old licensing servers and not an inherent Windows 10 problem. It was also probably good that I was finally forced to upgrade from Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2019.

I will say I surprised myself by getting the Framework when I needed to replace my increasingly problematic Thinkpad T460s. The Framework makes sense for my wanting to keep my old computer working for as long as possible, but I’m not usually an early adopter.

Anyway, I really like the Framework. It has a good resolution + aspect ratio for me, good keyboard (once I figured out my AutoHotKey pgup/pgdn/home/end solution), it’s configurable, upgradable (though I’m thrown a little bit for a loop with the 12th gen windows 11 thing), and repairable. If only I could figure out the USB problems, then it would be perfect! (Well, except for figuring out Windows modern standby.)

Edit: In terms of VMs, the ultimate for me would be figuring out a good solution for running XCode in a VM. How do I do this on the Framework? Kidding, kidding. I mean, unless somebody really knows how.

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You can run virtualised Venura (x86) on Windows.

I’m usually a Linux guy, but I sometimes use Windows for gaming and Win11 is so much nicer. It gets rid of most of the ugly Windows 8 Fullcreen-UI remnants and looks much more like Windows 7, which was my favorite Windows. Also tabs in the Explorer!

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I do like tabs in Explorer. I’ve been using the feature for many years via a program called QTTabBar :slight_smile:

To be honest, it’s silly things like removing the option to have the taskbar on the righthand side of the screen that make me hesitant, even though I guess there are workarounds.

On the other hand, maybe a 12th gen mainboard + Windows 11 could resolve all of my USB problems as well as fix my marriage!

Got used to it at the bottom and now when I use Ubuntu I feel in an odd place ??

Yeah, I moved the taskbar to the right when laptops started going 16:9 because I wanted more vertical space. With the Framework’s 3:2 aspect ratio it’s probably not as big a deal. Heraclitus said that the only constant in life is change. He may or may not have been referring to the Windows taskbar, but I think the principle holds.

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You can find my old comments on the forum decrying this same issue! I have recently found that you can revert the taskbar back to the windows 10 version quite easily with an app called ExplorerPatcher, and it’s got me somewhat considering finally moving on (especially if there’s no Windows 10 support on the new AMD 7040 boards)

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