12Gen CPU fan not discovered

My windows 10 gen 12 laptop cpu fan is working fine but it can’t be discovered by any software. I am trying to adjust my fan curves but all the software i downloaded can’t discover the cpu fan. Every other sensor is discovered fine. I have updated bios, windows and drivers and nothing works.

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I thought Gen 12 used Windows 11 and have you got the correct Driver and BIOS :slight_smile:

There are none for Win 10 on the 12th Gen ???

Regarding the fan please, search and read


The fan is controlled by the Embedded Controller (EC) firmware and is not exposed to the OS. You would need custom firmware (or experimental, unsigned drivers that expose the EC to the OS – cc @DHowett) to modify the fan curve.


So there is currently no way to adjust the curve?

I installed windows 10 first and it seems to be working fine, I recently updated the bios and drivers and they seem to be working all right as well. Is there any big advantages or disadvantages to upgrading?

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Only the two experimental ways I described.

…and neither is first party from FW.