Windows 10 on 12th Gen DIY Laptop: Driver bundle?

I’m trying to install Windows 10 on my new 12th Gen Framework DIY edition. I know that only Windows 11 is officially supported on the laptop, and there seems to be no 12th Gen Driver Bundle for Windows 10.

Any thoughts if I should just try using the 12th Gen Windows 11 Driver bundle when setting up this Windows 10 installation, or is that a non-starter? (figuratively or literally)


It is not recommended (or supported) that you run Windows 10 on 12th Generation Intel hardware.


Wait, what? Is that really the case? My unit runs Win 10 and suffers from random freezes, and I tried everything to fix it. Do you think running Win 11 could help?

Yes, Win 11 runs because the Win 11 driver bundle is present. Currently, although Windows 10 can run on the 12th gen getting the necessary drivers on it is the one hitch.

Framework does not officially support Windows 10 on the 12th gen board.

Windows 10 still has a bit of life left in it, so I understand wanting to stick with it. I personally would do the same.

If you find a way to get the right drivers on there, please let us know here.


I’m going to try Windows 10, and I’m not going to give up unless there are drivers I can’t find or problems that I can’t solve that I can’t deal with. If anyone has tips, please share!

I ran the driver bundle for Windows 11 on Windows 10, and I haven’t had any problems yet.

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really you can’t run 12th gen on windows 10 ive seen people run 12th gen on windows 7 how does it not run on 10