12th gen drivers problem Windows 11

Hi there!,

I installed the 12th gen drivers for windows 11 and I’m still getting this devices without drivers:

Do you guys have any clue what I’m missing here? should install Intel drivers in addition to the drivers bundle?


Seems like I have those too. Unless you are noticing any devices that aren’t working properly, I would assume they’re just a part of Windows.

(edit: accidentally posted before I was done writing)

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Thank you, I found out those while searching the reason why my Lenovo docking station thunderbolt 3 gen 2 is losing power delivery suddenly even though I installed the drivers
Something that also called my attention is the absence of the thunderbolt app which I have installed in my 11th gen.

It’s strange what happens because the docking station works fine in my Thinkpad and it shows as supported in the docking wiki…

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After searching in google, It turns out that those other devices stuff, are part of the sony headsets I have, after removing them, now they are gone from device manager, @Azure do you have sony headphones too?
Now I wonder why the thunderbolt app is not showing like in 11th gen, if I find something I will post it here.

Oh yeah! I have a pair of the XM4’s that I’ve connected to my laptop before! Good to know!

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