12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

I’m still on BIOS 3.04 - now that we are talking about testing 3.08, is there anything in between that I should have updated to?

I remember 3.06 got scrapped, but now I’m wondering if I just overlooked 3.07 because I stopped visiting this thread often.

Im sorry to tell you, but noone is talking about testing 3.08.
There is no 3.07.
3.06 is still the lastest available Beta BIOS and we got no ETA for a new version

There has only been a 3.06 version made available (for 12th gen intel models), as a beta. The installation is apparently a bit unreliable, and un-reversable, may require some perseverance - view reports above. There was a vague report from a framework employee of a later version, in early summer, but the EFI/linux installer for it reportedly didn’t work, and I’m guessing it had other issues, because it was never made available. It seems like attempts have been made, but they just can’t get a “good enough” release together, so far.

I don’t own a 12th gen intel model, but I started browsing the forums and found this thread shortly before I received my AMD model that I pre-ordered in the spring. I like it, and I still love Framework, but man, this firmware release situation sucks, it truly does.

For what it’s worth: work on the 13" AMD model, and the 16" model, started before this 3.06 beta firmware for the 12th gen intel was released. I’m guessing that it was really not economically viable, for a startup like Framework, to pause that release train in order to focus on intel 12th gen firmware.

Anyway, my sincere hope (and I still do have hope) is that Framework have learned the lesson that firmware is very difficult and expensive. Theoretically, it should be easier than hardware, but in practice, not really. I’ve worked on firmware before, and I’ve worked on server-side data processing for a small division of a big hardware company, that is kinda infamous for bad software (but great hardware), and I’ve reviewed firmware written by teams in asia … and I really could rant for hours. But I think the take-away is that, hardware companies know that the hardware has to be validated before production, every little trace has to have been worked on or reviewed by a hardware engineer that truly knows their s***. But software, we can just patch it up and fix it later! The team is following industry-standard best-practices! Well now you know, not so easy, you might actually have a problem harder to fix than the entire hardware design, anything is possible. It will just take a while longer to get teams spun-up, they should have started 18 months ago, but alas …


The “we’re a scrappy startup without the resources to maintain firmware” argument isn’t acceptable. They don’t tell customers with hardware warranty issues “We’re busy with the Framework 16 right now - we’ll get back to you in a year or two.” Full lifecycle support (hardware and firmware) should be factored into the business plan from the beginning. An understandable oversight on the 11th gen? OK, correct it on the 12th gen. That obviously didn’t happen and there’s no evidence that 13th gen/AMD are any different (anyone seen status, or even acknowledgement, on a LogoFail fix for 13th gen/AMD?).

Is it difficult/expensive? Perhaps. It’s more difficult/expensive when choices are made to rely exclusively on proprietary 3rd party firmware. Getting a Framework with BootGuard disabled isn’t possible, so the community is completely locked out of the process. If CoreBoot was even an option on the Framework (I’m not advocating for it to be default, just an option) we would have an active firmware development community that would cost Framework almost nothing.

I have been willing to cut Framework some slack because they are a small company challenging some bad industry practices. But the lack or openness on firmware support (despite the fact that they can send me weekly spam on how great the Framework 16 design is) has exhausted my patience.


Can things be improved? Sure. If you feel that a different vendor is more fitting for you, vote with your feet. The points are legitimate, but the incessant bitching is too much. You signed up with a startup, deal with it or move on.

Have a good day.


There has been an acknowledgement, yes:


Are the accounts on here that just say - “frameworks a startup, deal with it or move on” -just framework employees with seperate accounts?


Not mine. Is yours?

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INB4 they lock this thread again.


Yes, you folks are rockstars. I appreciate the patience you must have with some of us. and the creativity to design, program and publish hardware, software and documentation.

gotcha, thx. Ive read before that these may in some cases be extended, unless emediate action due to other reasons OR non cooperative vendors and other reasons. 90 days it probably is

I was imagining .08 based on them working on .07 before the LogoFAIL vulnerability. I have no insider knowledge and they might release .07 with all these patches applied. sorry about the confusion

this may be still in the works, its where my hope is anyway. untill then, I hope for 3.06 or a stable 3.07.

I haven’t seen that anyone has a fix available, but FW have acknowledged the problem and that Insyde are working on a fix. And I would expect that fix will be for ALL manufacturers that Insyde supply, not just FW, as it is a general problem with the BIOS, not just a problem for FW.

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A fix to Insyde’s baseline doesn’t help Framework owners until someone merges it into each Framework branch and goes through the build/test cycle. Getting Insyde to fix major CVEs isn’t a huge challenge. Getting those fixes into a Framework firmware update seems to be a different story.

But I’ve been on this soapbox too long already. If, as many have stated, I simply shouldn’t expect timely post-launch firmware support from a startup like Framework, then I guess my path is clear.


“this isn’t an airport; you don’t have to announce your departure” or better, what does your reply constructively add to the current conversation?


something snapped, instead of keeping my mouth (keyboard) shut for many many replies, I want a constructive thread and if i see an update in my mail. I finally wanted to say something, not only to David, but all those “if this continues, then ill leave/shop elsewhere”.
Id much rather see a message about the status of said beta or upcoming new version. another complaint is not fun and not very helpful. Your reply is describing as-well how I feel, and worded nicely. including the last paragraph. hopefully earlier (in a positive way), but in this thread, have a great new year and other festivities :smiley:.


It’s funny you’re latching onto this particular reply, since most of the messages in this topic (likely including some comments of my own from a while back) aren’t particularly constructive.

I know I’m probably only contributing to the problem here, but: can we just stop? Framework isn’t going to give us more updates until they have something substantive to say, and whining about that fact isn’t going to change anything, if all the prior whining about it is any indication.

I get the desire to vent about the situation (I’m pretty upset about it myself), but subscribing to this topic has become about as useful as spam. When I see a notification email about it, I no longer think “oh, cool, maybe there’s an update”, but instead assume it’s just someone complaining about the lack of updates, which is boring, uninteresting, and doesn’t constructively add to the current conversation… to borrow the phrase.

So can we all please just stop posting here? I’d be really happy if the next email notification I get on this topic is about a new beta release, not more complaining about the lack of one… even if that joyous notification doesn’t come for another year, that’d still be much nicer.


The fix here isn’t for people to stop posting their thoughts, worries, and expectations. The fix to bring constructive discussion into this thread is for framework to start supporting their sustainable products. After a year and 3 additional product launches I think we have all paid our dues in money and patience to be allowed to express our frustration.


I don’t think there’s anything new to say at this point.

That’s not something any of us can control, unfortunately. Complaining about it – as we’ve seen over the past months – doesn’t change anything.

Then express it elsewhere, perhaps in a support ticket. I’m tired of the spam.

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Maybe @moderators could split this thread :

  • keep here all informations and technical discussions related to 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta
  • put all complaints and frustration messages in a separate thread : “12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 beta : users feel abandoned”

I did not express my frustration here to avoid polluting this thread, but I would post in a dedicated thread.

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Alternatively, it would be great if there was an email list I could get onto that would notify me of new firmware releases (both stable and beta). Then I’d happily unsubscribe from this topic here.


While I think it’s perfectly legitimate to express frustration with the current situation, I agree with the assessment that this will unfortunately not change Frameworks’ habit towards us.
But in my opinion, splitting this thread will not change anything, as it will be difficult to direct users to the correct thread if the technical thread is not locked.
Personally, I’ve unsubscribed here and manually check this thread once or twice a month. Even if I miss a groundbreaking news about a new beta release, two or four weeks more or less is nothing compared to more than a year…
PS: I would, however, attend a birthday party here next week if it happens! :wink:


I was very hopeful a few months ago that progress would be made and I’d see at least better communication from the framework team regarding long-term support. I have not. I have held my tongue and patiently waited week after week hoping the end of the year would not slip by without at least some progress updates and a timeline as to when an update would be launched. It appears this will not be the case.

Framework, I can confidently say that you’ve almost guaranteed the loss of at least one customer due to this. Me. I’ll come back if I see substantially better support and a better product than System76 but I’ll likely move over there. Never used their products but at least I won’t have this history souring my perceptions. I can’t in good faith support a company that states they want to reduce e-waste and then invest so much money in new products without first building out the support they needed to keep those products out of the garbage bin. If it were just a BIOS update I could maybe let it go but this has been literal months coming, since around May for me. I’ve always been fair to you guys. Critical when you deserved it and supportive when it wasn’t. This has been an absolute swing and a miss. I’m confident this new process you guys are rolling out will improve the experience for future customers but it’s too little and especially too late for me.

I might stick around on the forums since I can’t very well ditch the laptop but this 12th gen model will likely be the last purchase you guys get from me. Especially if the pricing on the upgraded mainboards continues to be what it is. Good luck