12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

I don’t think there’s anything new to say at this point.

That’s not something any of us can control, unfortunately. Complaining about it – as we’ve seen over the past months – doesn’t change anything.

Then express it elsewhere, perhaps in a support ticket. I’m tired of the spam.

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Maybe @moderators could split this thread :

  • keep here all informations and technical discussions related to 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta
  • put all complaints and frustration messages in a separate thread : “12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 beta : users feel abandoned”

I did not express my frustration here to avoid polluting this thread, but I would post in a dedicated thread.

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Alternatively, it would be great if there was an email list I could get onto that would notify me of new firmware releases (both stable and beta). Then I’d happily unsubscribe from this topic here.


While I think it’s perfectly legitimate to express frustration with the current situation, I agree with the assessment that this will unfortunately not change Frameworks’ habit towards us.
But in my opinion, splitting this thread will not change anything, as it will be difficult to direct users to the correct thread if the technical thread is not locked.
Personally, I’ve unsubscribed here and manually check this thread once or twice a month. Even if I miss a groundbreaking news about a new beta release, two or four weeks more or less is nothing compared to more than a year…
PS: I would, however, attend a birthday party here next week if it happens! :wink:


I was very hopeful a few months ago that progress would be made and I’d see at least better communication from the framework team regarding long-term support. I have not. I have held my tongue and patiently waited week after week hoping the end of the year would not slip by without at least some progress updates and a timeline as to when an update would be launched. It appears this will not be the case.

Framework, I can confidently say that you’ve almost guaranteed the loss of at least one customer due to this. Me. I’ll come back if I see substantially better support and a better product than System76 but I’ll likely move over there. Never used their products but at least I won’t have this history souring my perceptions. I can’t in good faith support a company that states they want to reduce e-waste and then invest so much money in new products without first building out the support they needed to keep those products out of the garbage bin. If it were just a BIOS update I could maybe let it go but this has been literal months coming, since around May for me. I’ve always been fair to you guys. Critical when you deserved it and supportive when it wasn’t. This has been an absolute swing and a miss. I’m confident this new process you guys are rolling out will improve the experience for future customers but it’s too little and especially too late for me.

I might stick around on the forums since I can’t very well ditch the laptop but this 12th gen model will likely be the last purchase you guys get from me. Especially if the pricing on the upgraded mainboards continues to be what it is. Good luck


Happy(?) first birthday…


Well said, my thoughts exactly. I will be doing the same, i.e. move on.

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Normally, one would wish a long life on this occasion and talk about how well the child has developed over the past year.
But here a famous quote comes to mind:

You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.

So, Beta 3.06, make way for something new!

It’s really sad to see someone who I’ve known on the forums for so long to move on.
Wish you all the best.


That legitimately means a great deal to me. I used to spend quite a bit of time on here and it’s nice to know it wasn’t completely wasted.

Like I said, I’ll pop back in now and then like I have for the past few months just to see if the new BIOS has been launched and I might check to see if there are any new threads I want to comment on but yeah, my advocacy for Framework as a brand ends today. Until I see substantial change, I can’t recommend these products to anyone.

Thank you for your kind words @Shiroudan


Please be patient, a small team of rock stars is working on it since at least 8 months.


Happy birthday 12th gen Intel Core Framework Laptop 13 BIOS 3.06 Beta


Framework is a small company of less than 50 people with limited staff available. Patience is a virtue.


Patience is a virtue when were talking about a videogame release, or waiting in line at the grocery store.

This is about security patches, its different. 12th gen framework laptops should not be used to handle sensetive information while these vulns remain active. Urgency is warranted.

Practically speaking though, the 12th gen passed end of life over a year ago. I’ve accepted that this laptop was just a bad purchase, support was dropped before it landed on my doorstep. My framework is a home theatre PC now. I’ve gone back to recommending lenovo instead.


People on this thread, if you want a better experience, you can consider upgrading your mainboard to AMD. Of course, it’s not normal to change the mainboard within 1 year or less after you bought the current 12th Gen Intel. But if you took a risk for a new device as an early adapter, this situation can happen.

If you don’t like a Linux distro, it’s not hard to try another Linux distro as distro hopping. So, why not do mainboard hopping? Seeing this forum, I can see that one person from AMD is active by their internal motivation beyond the responsibility of their business, while I don’t see people from Intel on this forum. This makes me feel that I can expect a much better sustainable experience in AMD. People behind Linux distro or CPU matters.

If you want to change or correct Framework’s behavior in your morals, you can imagine it’s hard for people at Framework to support the BIOS firmware in multiple lines, and communicate regularly on this forum. They also have to earn money. I think if you want a peaceful mind, you can release your morals.


I really respect your input on this forum, but this is like the worst recommendation i could imagine…


Why do you think so?

I understand it’s painful to spend additional money, and if you don’t want or cannot to spend money to buy it, of course, waiting is one way.

But I can see this is about a “loss cut” for your investment. The terminology “loss cut” is used for investment. For example, a person bought a stock expecting the value would be increased, but actually, the value was not increased. So, the person would sell the stock at a cheaper price than when they bought it. But the person can get money by doing a “loss cut”.

So, you may lose opportunities that you could have a better experience by holding your current 12th Gen Intel mainboard, or by waiting for the things you cannot control. You may consume more of your energy when waiting for. This is a kind of losing your energies that you could have used for other useful things. And I wanted to let you know there is another way if you were trapped in your idea that you just have to wait for the new BIOS version.

Giving Framework more money at this point simply supports their practice of dropping support before the product is delivered (thanks @BusyBoredom for coming up with the concept).

Normally companies are expected to fixed things by showing contrition and proving that they can do better. This has been true for many recent software/game flops where developers went above and beyond to change their tune once the comunities were unhappy. And it is also true for the stock market you are so keen to refer to in your other posts. Investors wait for a few good Q before they start throwing more money at an oversold stock.

Framework seems to be going for a half measure where they do not want to support their products, but they keep on saying that they will. Probably to get people to buy their newest products. This is not a good practice and should not be encouraged. But to each their own.

Merry christmas and happy new year to all! And, of course, happy birthday 12th gen Intel Core Framework Laptop 13 BIOS 3.06 Beta!


I see that the idea is to control people’s behavior by giving or not giving an amount of money. And I have commonly seen the idea everywhere. If a company wants people to buy a product, they sell the product at a lower price. If a company assumes the product is good enough for people to buy it, the company sells the product at a higher price. If a company wants to see more people who apply for a job in the company, they increase the job’s salary. If a company sees enough people to apply for a job, they don’t increase the job’s salary, etc.

I also think you are kind, waiting for a new BIOS to educate Framework to be a greater company. I remembered an episode that Mahatma Gandhi fasted to be prepared for his death until some people stopped their violence in India. (Gandhi’s fasting and protests are credited for stopping the religious riots and communal violence.) I hope your act will empower people at Framework with love.

I see. Perhaps, people at Framework could inform us more frequently in this thread. However, if people are busy with other things, they may forget to inform us. Perhaps, you have an ability to be tidy and inform such things. But not everyone does.

My assumption is different from yours. Nrp informed us they were working to improve the situation.