12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.08 Release

@Matt_Hartley Thank you so much for your candid reply. It really does mean a lot.

Looking forward to you guys crushing this release, in due time :slight_smile:


Just wanted to report a success with the 3.08 Beta EFI upgrade on my 13 inch Intel.

I’m well aware that it has been removed for the moment, however, I have had a 61kWh battery waiting to be installed for months now so I really did want to do the update to enable full support for that, and took the risk.

Nothing unusual - disabled secure UEFI boot in existing BIOS; booted from USB-A stick formatted FAT with the update unzipped to it; watched and waited while it went through all the steps; booted back into Fedora 39; restarted to re-enable secure UEFI boot.

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I’m likely going to be doing the same thing. I have a 61Wh battery coming and only have Fedora 39 installed. Don’t want to reformat to install windows.

Worst comes to worst, I remove the SSD as others have said they have been doing


I installed this today via EFI method and got the line 97 error. I had the power plugged in on the same side as my flashdrive when I got the error.

Moving power to the opposite side and rebooting fixed the issue for me. I did not have to remove my SSD.


You might want to check your download here. I just downloaded the file (for clarity, it’s still on the servers but Framework say you shouldn’t use it) again which shows up with a SHA1 of 317771e616be990ff3c54b24f9864d41dbea8d23, this also matches the file I downloaded Jan 11 2024 (my post in this thread) which I still have.

For posterity, the SHA256 of the file is:

ddb2ef62f589e5c972d577e2e44b6ac2d7d040767189dfb4bcd04aa5d93751e6 *Framework_Laptop_12th_Gen_Intel_Core_3.08_EFI.zip

Upgrading using the EFI on USB-Stick method worked fine for me. SHA256SUM ddb2ef62f589e5c972d577e2e44b6ac2d7d040767189dfb4bcd04aa5d93751e6

  • SYS CONFIG: i5-1240P
  • RAM: 2 Sticks of Crucial 16GB
  • SSD: WD Black SN770 1TB
  • Wi-Fi: Intel AX10NGW (stock).
  • External Devices/Other: USB-C Hub (Charger, LAN, Display, Display USB-Hub with keyboard and mouse)
  • EXPANSION CARD TYPES: On both sides: 1 USB-C (back), 1 USB-A (front)
  • BIOS VERSION: 3.06
  • OS VERSION: Arch, fully updated
  • FAIL RATIO: 0%. Worked on first try
  • STEP TO REPRODUCE: EFI Shell via USB drive
  • EXTERNAL DEVICE MODE or NAME: For USB flash drives, Generic or the brand.

I confirm those hashes!
sha256: ddb2ef62f589e5c972d577e2e44b6ac2d7d040767189dfb4bcd04aa5d93751e6


The link to 3.08b above resolved “The Installer can only be un on Framework Laptop 12 Gen Intel Mainboards”. I had a Batch 2 1280p board on 3.06 Beta. Now 3.08 Beta.


Update to 3.0.8 (via Windows 10) was successful.

However, now with Linux, entering “deep” suspend (in the /sys/power/mem_sleep sense) consistently soft bricks the device. Once in this state, a mainboard reset is required.

If you use Linux, I would steer clear of 3.0.8 until this is resolved.


Strange. I updated a few weeks ago, but I don’t see that issue. Using deep sleep (not s2idle), Debian testing, kernel 6.6.13. No problems with sleep here.

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Interesting! It repros consistently for me with the Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-39-1.5.iso (without installing; running off a USB stick). I was triggering deep suspend with something like:

# Do not run the following commands.
echo deep > /sys/power/mem_sleep
echo mem /sys/power/state

I’ve got a case open and have been discussing with the support team.


I have the opposite problem. On Debian with BIOS 3.05 and 3.08, the laptop would sometimes never come out of s2idle (I’d have to power the machine off with a 10-second power button press). The “deep” suspend has consistently worked.


Batch 1 , i7-1260p. Experiencing disconnects with a thunderbolt 3 Egpu. Running the 3.08b release.


Hi there. The BIOS seems pretty tested now.
Any information on a release candidat ?


After around one and a half months with BIOS 3.08, I haven’t encountered the following problems (seen on BIOS 3.06) anymore:

  • “disappearing” of the USB-A expansion card after plugging a device in more than two or three times
  • non-working function keys (brightness control, media keys, etc) in Linux (seen occasionally after uptimes > 3 weeks, used to require a complete shutdown to get the function keys working properly again)
  • no tap-to-click in Haiku with PS/2 emulation enabled after rebooting from another operating system

No change:

  • in Haiku, touchpad still works better after a cold boot (and only with PS/2 emulation)

New (but only once so far):

  • sudden and complete power-off (no shutdown) during full-screen remote-ing into another computer on Linux while connected to power and battery at 80 % (limit set in BIOS) - black screen, LED of power button off, no power indicator light between expansion cards - power indicator light came back after plugging the USB-C power cable out and in again, pressing the power-button resulted in some colorful blinking of the power indicator light (not the full failure sequence) before the laptop just started again
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  • FAILURE SKU# and SYS SERIAL NUMBER: Framework FRANGACP04, S/N via PM if needed
  • SYS CONFIG: Intel Core i5-1240P
  • RAM: 2* 8192 MB PC25600 DDR4 SDRAM - Crucial Technology CT8G4SFRA32A.M8FRS (1330 MHz, 19-19-19-43)
  • SSD: WD Black SN850 NVMe 500GB (FW: 615400WD)
  • Wi-Fi: Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210
  • External Devices/Other: Charger (45W) plugged in (left rear)
  • EXPANSION CARD TYPES: 2x USB-C (left rear, right front), 2x USB-A (left front, right rear)
  • BIOS VERSION: Coming from 3.04
  • DRIVER PACKAGE VERSION: Initiallly released version (are there any newer??) with all updates coming in via Windows-Update
  • OS VERSION: Update performed on Win11 23H2 (3155) using 3.08b-MSI.
    System configured as dual boot with Debian 12, Win is encrypted using Bitlocker (with PIN only, no TPM), Debian with LUKS.
  • FAIL RATIO: One run, 100% success
  • STEP TO REPRODUCE: not applicable
  • OBSERVED RESULT: success
  • EXPECTED RESULT: success
  • ISSUE RECOVERY METHOD: not applicable
  • EXTERNAL DEVICE MODE or NAME: not applicable

A month now, let’s get the party started. :sweat_smile:

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Same for me. 12th gen currently running 3.06. msi refuses to run saying it requires a 12th gen framework.

Within hours of me reporting this, FW actually built a 3.08b revision of the installer that fixed this broken check. It is in this thread a few posts down from my initial report.

FW simply failed to mention this fixed installer anywhere in their own opener or update the link to the fixed installer…

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@Brian_White : the 3.08b beta that @Ray519 mentioned is in message #20.

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