12th gen power management on Linux

Intuitively I would think because you’re paying the power overhead for having all of the CPU cores (only a small difference between having all cores on and 1 core on idle as you demonstrated) it’s probably more efficient to utilise all of them because you finish your tasks faster, and you don’t need to raise clockspeed as much compared to if you had to massively ramp up one core. This would probably become more apparent on an intensive task. I should mention I’m saying all of this with 0 authority and proof xD. I hope someone who knows what they’re talking about finds this thread and gives their opinion.

I installed Debian testing with xfce today and noticed that the i915 errors are missing from the logs. Can anyone confirm that adding the firmware blobs is no longer required in Debian testing?

Sorry for bringing this up after so long, I was wondering if there has been improvements to CPU scheduling and even idle/light use cases to extend battery life?

The latest 12th Gen BIOS is still in beta so not sure if there’s any future power optimisations in the future BIOS releases.

Sorry, just noticed your question. Sid – everything latest, which is nice. I’ve been on Sid for about 7 years, despite being unstable, I experience very few issues. Re consumption – yes, powertop or some python scripts that read source data from /sys.