13th Gen Intel Core BIOS binary blob

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Since 1. my comment over there :point_up: did not get much attention from Framework and 2. some other people might want it for other purpose that attempting to enable ReBAR support, I think it’s relevant to create a dedicated thread for this.

PS: If you are interested in a 13th gen BIOS update, please post in that other thread.

  1. Please rethink the title of this thread. Noone would assume that “binary blob” is a request for ReBAR support
  2. This primarily is a community forum, so i would not expect FW to comment on this.
  3. Why do you open this thread, when there is already another thread about ReBAR?
  4. Why do you open this thread, when you want people to comment in another thread!?

This is not a request for ReBAR support per say. Please read ReBAR Support - #39 by Lee_Holbrook ReBAR is presumably already supported, but behind a hidden BIOS variable but to know which one, one needs the BIOS binary blob.

And again, ReBAR support is only one use case. I guess other people might want to mod their BIOS for other reasons.

They have so far. Especially regarding the BIOS updates.

Because ReBAR support for 12th and 11th is already there because we have the BIOS binary blobs.

And again (again) other people might want to mod their BIOS for other reasons.

It looks like Framework has not actually released the BIOS Binary blob that you are requesting, but that users were able to use the code from the BIOS updates and other third party tools to find the information they needed. I don’t know if Framework is likely to release what you need until they release the first BIOS update for the 13th gen laptops at which point the community will be able to take the same steps they have for previous laptops.

While Framework has commented on previous threads, like Simon already said this is a user forum, so there is no guarantee that Framework staff will respond here. If you want an official response you should put in a support request with your question.

Note that The team is still small, and the firmware team is stretched especially thin right now, so they are likely only able to work on BIOS updates as they are needed until they have worked through their backlog. They are also very busy with the 12th gen 3.08 Beta right now.

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