2 USBC cables at the same time for charging

I have a 40w charger that splits it into 20w/20w and usually, if only one cable is being used, it gets the full 40 - It wont really charge with one, so should I plug in both at the same time ? It gets me a steady charge… But is it safe ?

(I have this charger: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/aw/d/B0BVMMPN54?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title)

From reading the charger’s specs, it says it will not provide 40W if one cable is used. Each USB-C port is 20W max. There are customer pictures of the label on the side of the charger which also says that.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand this part. Is your Framework not reporting that it’s charging, at all, with one cable? Which model Framework do you have? Size, 13 or 16, and generation if it’s a FW13 intel.

The Framework laptops do not charge from multiple ports at the same time. If you plug in multiple sources that offer power, the Framework will choose the highest power source and charge from that. If you plug in two offering the same wattage I presume it will pick one, don’t know how it chooses which to take.

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FW13 Ryzen5 55wats

And as I am charging right now it seems to be blinking orange on the side, but still discharging, just at lower speed, so I can only charge it when its off.

but if I connect both cables, it seems to say full in a few hours and charges normally with a steady orange light (thats what I meant with steady)

Thanks for your help, I am not so sure why my charger is so weird, it does however give me 40 with one cable on my phone as I get the msg “charging rapidly” with one and if two things are charging, it just charges normally.

Odd. The label on the charger does say 20W max per port.

Have you checked the wattage with an app or a USB-C power meter?

Nope, is there an app u recommend, I could do it rn

  • I rebooted and its no longer blinking orange and charging ok with one cable now… Very weird behaviour, I seem to have to reboot it everytime after connecting the cable for that to work

Ampere is popular on android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gombosdev.ampere

I just downloaded that, but now that it seems fine on my framework - I actually checked the power app on ubuntu and it says it is charging with 10watts/15V?!

I think I need a new brick, the only reason I didnt get frameworks is bcs I want the same one for my laptop and phone, but they both need different voltage, do you have any recommended brick for that?

*the phone charges at 1800ma with one cable and at 1300ma when two connected

More oddness.
This is with the amazon power adapter that you linked?
Can you check the label on the side for it’s specs. Others posted pictures showing it doesn’t even do 15v. Either the ubuntu power app is wrong, your model power adapter is different then what others have shown, or the adapter doesn’t even follow its own label.

Or ubuntu is just showing the current battery voltage. That’s more likely. FW13 uses a 4 cell in series battery, 15.5v is within it’s range.

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I think the best thing out of this is learning how to measure it, I will definetly test the next brick I buy

The Framework 60w power brick supports 5v, 9v, 15v, and 20v. The Framework 180w power brick supports all those voltages as well as 28v, 36v, and AVS (which allows the connected device to request any voltage between 15v and 36v in 0.1v steps). The only things they’re missing are 12v and PPS (PPS is like AVS except for a lower voltage range of 3.3-21v and in 0.05v steps).

What voltage does your phone need?

This may be a case of self kick-starting which is pretty funny.

18W 9V/2A

But I just bought this now bcs it has a picture of a laptop and a phone, so should be fine


The 15V reading is the battery voltage not the charging voltage. Even 5V will charge slowly

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There is a bug in the charging firmware for the AMD Framework 13 that causes the blinking orange behaviour you are seeing for low-wattage chargers like the one you are using.

This beta BIOS update fixes it, or you can wait for a final BIOS update.

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