20C core to core deltas, tried replacing thermal paste

Hello there,
I tried 2 different coolers and multiple thermal pastes, I am getting core to core deltas of 20 degrees celsius under full load - CPU is able to maintain 35W for a short duration of time, Cores 0 and 2 being cooled properly (sitting at 80s) and cores 1 and 3 at 100 degrees celsius. I think this might be because there is only one mounting screw on the left side versus two on the right, plus on the left side there are pretty thick thermal pads cooling the (I guess) VRM. Some further research makes me believe that cores 1 and 3 are on the left side (closer to the fan, further from the RAM). Anyone had similar issue? I applied thermal paste properly, covering the entire die(s).

EDIT: After some more measurement, initial deltas (under 35W load) are about 18 degrees C and after the load goes down to 28W (cmon FW, could you please allow us to lift the TDP time limit?), deltas are close to 10-12 degrees. The hot cores are definitely on the left side (I loosened the single left screw and the deltas increased, I tightened it again and loosened the screws on the right side and deltas went down - cooler cores got hotter).

Sustained temps at 28W are some 52C above ambient on the cooler cores and 64C above ambient on hotter cores, none of the cores is throttling due to thermal reasons.

What Processor do you have?

12 Gen has the P and E Cores maybe it has something to do with it I have the 11gen i5 and have not seen something like that.

Does you system crash? Maybe contact support.

Hope you have a nice day.

Oh forgot to specify, it’s 1165g7 and IMO 99% chance it is a mounting pressure issue - tested 2 coolers. I suspect thickness of thermal pads in combination with only one screw on that side. Later I will try to temporarily remove thermal pads and if that fixes the issue, replace then with apropriate thickness. I just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this.

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Solved by replacing the VRM cooling pads, they were for some reason too thick (my board was donated for my project in a state that required some fixing so I should have said before that it may have nothing to do with the status of sold boards, sorry). Now core to core deltas are 4-6 degrees.

EDIT: temps are abot 44-46 degrees over ambient under 28W load and full load can handle a burst of 43-45W, effectively capping the CPU´s max turbo frequency (4.186 GHz all-core with 1165g7). Thermal compound used is Arctic MX6.

I have said before I would love the pad thickness list so we could get in the right replacement thickness for all of them.

It would be great for me too, because I was doing it very much “by eye” by shaving tiny bits off them and then re-mounting cooler and measuring the temperatures until I was sure that the deltas are gone and there is still good contact. When I have time, I can measure what I ended up with, but it won´t be as reliable as manufacturer provided data would be.