New Framework owner here, What are the avg temps?

So, I just got my framework laptop yesterday and I already posted something the other day on this forum about some weird things happening like choppy screen and just the laptop being slow for having 64gb of ram and 4tb. But I seem to fix the slowness by turning on high performance mode, everything is all snappy now and nice a fast. But another I wanted to know is what are the idle temps and also the temps when watching youtube? My idle temps with nothing open seem to be like 44c-47c and when watching youtube they seem to be like 50-53c, maybe its higher because I have high performance mode on now. I just wanted some insight to see if everything is working fine.

My idle temps are around 50 C on battery saver (with a bunch of other services disabled) so it does seem normal. Most likely the fans aren’t spinning up until a heavier load is placed on it.

Edit: This is also affected by your ambient temp and what thermal paste you’re using

How would I go about changing the thermal paste? is it as easy as a desktop? because I have done that more times than I can count. Also if I were to get a dbrand skin would it increase the thermals more?

It’s pretty easy to change the thermal paste. I would it’s as easy as a desktop (there should be a guide to go along with it). The only 2 things you have to keep in mind is be careful not to strip the screws and undo the screws in a cross pattern so you don’t apply excess pressure to one side of the pcb. As for the thermal paste, it’s best to use a high quality one like thermal grizzly kryonaut or if you can get some, PTM7950. Lastly, for the dbrand skin, it won’t affect your thermals.

I wouldn’t bother with a thermal paste change unless you have a use case that can benefit from it

I agree, I wont change it unless I would 100% benefit from it. like 10c less then it is now. Thanks for the fast response.

I would open a ticket with Support. There should be no smell when charging your laptop. If you’re comfortable with it, I would open up the laptop and see if there’s anything visibly melted.

Support usually responds within 1 business day so just got to wait. Don’t try to remove the stripped screw, wait for what support recommends.

There are ways to remove it but it’s best not to attempt them until support has weighed in on the situation.

Have you tried using a rubberband over the driver tip to extract the screw?