24 monitor mega display?

So, if I configure a unit with 6 usb c ports and each of those ports can support 4 monitors, can I create a 24-monitor mega display?

Even on desktops, I have never seen a single gpu support 24 monitors. Keeping in mind that not all ports on the Framework 16 are USB4 nor do they all even support display out, this is not possible.

The iGPU supports up to 4 monitors total. The limit isn’t a limited for each connection. You’d need external splitters to get more monitors.


people like ltt have tried to do the same thing before, with 8 gpus in a mining rack. the gpu supports 4 monitors total not per slot.


To make a video wall, you generally use a processor that takes one or more inputs and combines/scales them across several monitors.

3x3 video wall controllers have 6 outputs, so if you use 4 of these, you could power 24 monitors.

From the laptop’s point of view, there will be 4x4k monitors (assuming you get controllers that support 4k). As others have pointed out, this is the maximum number of outputs for the igpu. You should probably use a separate physical port for each processor, although it might work to use an MST hub to connect multiple controllers to a single port. (EDIT: as @flovo points out below, doing this on the igpu actually requires MST for one pair of outputs, since only 3 ports on the FW16 support DP alt mode, although the dgpu module includes a 4th)

You could spend $12k on just the 4 3x3 controllers, plus a few thousand on displays, so this would be quite an expensive, albeit potentially very cool setup

Only 3 ports support Displayport alt mode.