50-pin JTP connector next to the Wi-Fi module

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what is this JTP connector on the bottom right of the mainboard (AMD)? I tried searching the forum for “JTP”, I tried Googling it, as a last resort I even tried to Bing it. No results. :slight_smile: Based on the letters, my guess would be perhaps a JTAG Test Port?

What is it for? Or what is the part number for the connector?

At first I thought you might be using the mainboard in a CoolerMaster case, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. That’s that input cover connector. It carries signals for everything on the input cover.

See step 5 Input Cover Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

The connector is an Amphenol 10156000-051100LF.

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Hah, you are right. I was so busy admiring the exposed board that I did not even get to opening the Input Cover Kit. Turns out the mystery would have solved itself. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the part number; those flat-flex connectors are also weirdly difficult to find without knowing the exact name.

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Ah, you didn’t install it yet! I didn’t think of that!

Framework, like no other laptop maker, has nearly all the connectors and their pinouts on their github.
Here is everything on the mainboard

And they have a bunch of other github repositories for other things.


Ah, that’s great, thanks! I just remembered Louis Rossmann complaining about schematics not being available, so I did not even look for any. But I suppose his complaints were related only to the proprietary, detailed board schematics (which may have been made available to repair shops since then).

I believe they since have made the full schematic available to him, upon his request. At least for the original Intel mainboard. I think it took a while to get approval from Intel or something. It’s been a while. I don’t remember all the details.

Framework has said that detailed, board level schematics are available to repair shops if they apply for them. I think they need to sign an NDA because the boards are made with partners, who I guess aren’t enlightened about open source. Perhaps he didn’t like that part.

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His video was pre-NDA availablity. He is fine with the current system. He said so in later videos

To be fair I am kinda miffed about that, I got the schematics of all my thinkpads and a lot of the other laptops I have but not for my “designed to be repairable” one. Sure I am not supposed to have the other one either but it’s still annoying.