Framework 13 Laptop shell

Hi Everyone,

A friend has offered me his old Intel 11th Gen Framework 13 board he rehoused into the coolermaster case. I am thinking of taking him up on this offer but want to rehouse it back into a laptop.

Is there anyway to essentially purchase just the laptop minus what would have been included in the upgrade kit without having to purchase a complete laptop/kit?

Hoping I explained what I’m trying to do correctly


Not really? Unless someone has a broken laptop with a dead board and want to offload the laptop. Alternatively, you could buy a complete laptop and then sell the board in it to someone looking to upgrade, thus you would in effect only be paying for the shell and not the complete laptop. The question becomes price at that point and if you are actually getting a deal, both on the board/coolermaster case your friend is selling and when you sell the upgrade.

Another consideration is, has your friend already fixed his 11th gen board to eliminate the possibility of RTC battery bug? Or do you plan to use the laptop enough that it isn’t a consideration?


Well I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t just order every other part of the laptop in the marketplace. It would just be tricky to not miss a thing or accidently order things twice since the kits include multiple parts

Unfortunately that outlay of a whole laptop isn’t something that’s an option currently. The only reason I’m considering taking him up is the parts are being offered for so little.

That’s another good point I will have to look into. will use the laptop daily but a permanent fix is something I would possibly attempt myself based on reading the ifixit article

Yea I had a look at market place and there are enough small parts to keep track of and I don’t know if marketplace offers all the required parts. Is there a complete list so I could at least price it up?

As far as I know there is no part missing on the marketplace. I listet, what I think will be everything you need. But I don’t take responsibility for the list and I would love to have some more experienced community member to check if this would work:

  • Input Cover Kit
  • Battery
  • Display Kit
  • Bottom Cover Screws
  • Top Cover Screws
  • Webcam Module
  • Bottom Cover Kit
  • Hinge Kit
  • Top Cover Kit
  • Wifi Card
  • Bezel
  • Expension Cards
  • Ram
  • SSD
  • Power Adapter + Cabel

Note that on some of these Parts there got multiple options, which some of them could be not compatible with Intel 11th gen.
Also I don’t know how warranty is regulated on a “self made” framework

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Plus Antenna

Of course, both might already be present in the CoolerMaster case.

The Antenna is included in the Top-Cover Kit

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It would be warrantied on a per part basis. Each part sold has a warranty but I think it might only be 90 days? It’ll say on the page regardless. Either way, it’s not an insignificant consideration that I forgot about.

It is also possible, that framework support can help with this. They could be more reliable with the list

That brilliant! Thanks for the list.

I’ll compare with some of the assembly guides and see if I can work out if that’s everything.

Will certainly be an interesting exercise pricing everything up.

I know know 11th gen board, memory, storage, WiFi (have to check antenna), add on cards, case.

Apparently the battery issue was also addressed which is good

EDIT: So looking at buying parts individually my napkin maths puts it around £574 for individual parts. It looks like the sum of the parts tracks equal to the cost of DIY machine anyway. This means means the cost of my mates parts is approximately £449.

Essentially call it £600 when you factor postage for an 11th Gen machine that is upgradable down the road

Excellent point about warranty. I guess I’m treating this similar to a second hand purchase without any support and if anything goes wrong it’s up to me to fix. Any parts bought from framework I would say least expect to work as advertised for a reasonable period assuming no user error IE manufacturing defects would be covered in accordance with local legislation