6 Month Owner Experience of the FW13 AMD

I was batch 2 on the FW 13 AMD, and I’ve wanted to give a 6 month update on this computer, as it’s had its ups and downs.

My specs are a Ryzen 7 7840U, 32gb DDR5 FW whitelabel, 2tb NVMe ssd, and am still rocking the included RZ616 after going back and forth with an AX210.
To get this out the way first, I have done some modifications to what I had. I got a clear keyboard (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, just a lot of screws), and a PTM7950 paste mod to try to solve one of the major pain points of this laptop.

First off, the FW13 experience. It’s a lovely laptop, I found myself using the expansion ports a lot more than I thought, the build is good, and I like it. I do see why the clear bezel was a preorder only thing, as it is fragile. Little bits of plastic are already coming off. I did have one QC issue with the input cover, regarding how the trackpad sat inside, but that was solved pretty quickly. I love the laptop overall.

Now the main issue I’ve found with the laptop. Thermals. They are… NOT good. I didn’t expect this CPU to run chilly, but I at least expect the fans to not be running at full speed 24/7 with the extremely intense workload of firefox. Under full load, it consistently hits 95-100c, sometimes sustained. Even if it isn’t under load, the CPU will get extremely hot, and throttle to the point where it runs at only 100mhz. The first thing I tried was cleaning out dust that built up, that oddly, there was a decent amount. I repasted when installing, but there wasn’t any change. The next thing I tried is PTM7950, which so far has improved things, however not too much. It’s still runs hot, and even though technically thermal limits are 100c, it still can’t be good for it, especially for longevity. It makes me believe that the thermal solution used by FW is just not quite enough.
This leads me into the fan. It is very noisy, and it seems to be running like at 100% all the time. It gets very distracting, especially in a school environment, as it’s loud. The fan curves seem to be off too. Sometimes the fan is full blast at 70c.
The best part of the framework is also a weak point for me. The USB-A ports can be unstable at some points, wiggling the cable can make it drop in and out, and a lot of the cables won’t really go in all the way, and doesn’t feel secure. The USB-C ports have been solid though, but the biggest pain point is the video expansion ports. Displayport will randomly drop to black, and will either come back immedietly, or require me to reseat the expansion card. The HDMI is also unreliable. I will get some bad artifacts, general display freaking out, and blackouts. It’s really annoying.

I still love this computer, it’s overall pretty good. I love the look of the computer, the performance is there, and overall I love it.

There may be something weird going on, even with video decoding using way too much power on linux I barely get the fan to spun up when just watching a video and browsing the internet.

Fan at full speed and 95-100C would mean 30+W, with ptm probably closer to 40, if firefox uses that much there is something weird going on software wise.

95-100 is only really happening when it’s under a heavy ish load. And the CPU usage is usually around like 25-50%

And still “full speed 24/7”?!

The cpu going to 100ish C when fully loaded is by design, firefox fully loading the cpu is quite weird on the other hand.

that’s the weird thing. I monitor the temp, and sometimes the fan is like at 100% at 80C. CPU usage is only at like 25% too.

I didn’t see which OS. If Linux, can you try htop with both user and kernel threads enabled? Or if windows whichever rough equivalent there is? This CPU utilization pattern, even a “background noise” level of 25%, smells funky. Under “normal” idle conditions you should be seeing close to 0% on all cores.

I’m on windows, with Firefox, Discord, Teams, and Powerpoint open it’s around 10-15% CPU utilization, with task manager taking about 2% of that lol. 25% was approximate but I think it isn’t accurate at all.

I really don’t know Windows. It does have a rep for keeping the CPU busy with background update and telemetry/monetization tasks, but even with that into account what you’re describing seems like a wild outlier to me. The only times I get loud fan noise on my machine (also 13 7840U, stock paste) is when I’m building a kernel which puts all cores at 100% for several minutes.

Is there some more advanced mode/version of task manager or similar tool out there that will show everything, including interrupts being serviced?

The scenario I have in mind there is, could a peripheral (expansion card, dock, whatever USB) have some borderline electrical issue that results in it spamming the CPU with interrupts?

(edit: if not tried already, maybe start removing expansion cards to see if anything changes?)

ISTR seeing this interrupt storm (on this forum?) with some specific NVMe model, but I can’t find/recall details atm.

I can check interrupts with task manager, it’ll tell me how much CPU system interrupts are taking but that’s about it. the loud fan noise can be random though. At this point I’ve had other issues with windows so I might just install linux at this point with a windows VM for stuff I need windows for which is… actually oddly a lot idk.