Fan Noise is constant and loud at 15% load

The CPU is under 15% load, the laptop body feels barely warm in the warmest places but the fans are running at about 50% (by sound estimation) constantly. Really loud but also unceasing. It’s very distracting and annoying.

How can I get the fans to chill out and not overdrive themselves for no benefit. Cooling works better in a higher temperature differencial so having fans rev this hard when the CPU is barely warm is just a waste. Not to mention the deminishing returns of running fans at 50% vs running them at 25%.

Due to the design of the fan system, I can’t even mitigate the noise by having the laptop elevated or the screen more open since the fan noise is made internally with the body of the laptop - not hair rushing past the table for example. I’m not an expert but my understanding is that this kind of fan noise also means the air isn’t flowing efficiently through the laptop - thus more power usage and noise for less cooling.

So i guess you need to give us some more context here.

  • 11th or 12th gen?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What are you doing to get to 15% load (whatever 15% load means anyways)
  • What programs do you have installed, that could potentially have a demanding background process running
  • Is your laptop sitting on a table, on your lap, on your blanket in bed?
  • What are the actual temperatures of the cpu?

The design is what almost every other laptop uses. Sucking in air from the bottom, dissipating it to the back.

Actually both should improve your situation. Elevating it makes it easier to suck fresh air from the bottom and opening the screen more will make sure the hot air can get away better, since the vents are at an angle. Closing the screen is blocking the vents.

Still i guess you have another issue here, that we need to find.

Agreed more information would be helpful. With that said unless you power limit the CPU with RAPL/TLP/PPD / battery saver mode or change the fan curve yourself as far as I can tell this is just normal for the Framework laptop or perhaps all laptops now? Comparing to my previous machines this one is loud doing anything unless power limited even a 30s 200MB download from idle.

Some links for you to check out:

12th Gen
15% average utilization based on Task Manager’s performance tracking features
Closing a certain app put the CPU usage down to 8% and the fans turned way down but having fans cranked so high on such low sustained utilization numbers isn’t ideal.
Laptop is on a table with the screen at 140 degrees open
I don’t know if I can get temp numbers without 3rd party apps

I think you are right you would need to install software, here are two good options. HWINFO has much more information (so much it could be quite daunting) both will show you temperatures and clock speeds CPU utilization which are important metrics, e.g. 15% of 1GHz vs 15% of 3GHz is significantly different.

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I have similar issues, the fan is running constantly. But the load is low, any tips how to handle the noise/temperature?

Same issue, the fan noise is really annoying even with 10-15% of load. For load more than 30% a headset with noise cancellation is required.
Is there any real solution how to completely handle the noise issue? TBH I have never met such noise from other modern laptops.

Same here. Laptop fan is VERY noisy at startup and as soon as any trivial task is initiated. Windows update sends the laptop into a whirring frenzy.