A dim illumination light in the expansion card slot that turns on when: a card is not present in that slot; the lid is closed

This would make swapping cards in the dark easy and for those that leave a slot empty (maybe they lost or forgot a card?) it would just be lit while they have the laptop in use.

Come to think of it though, perhaps this would be an issue if you just left it on your desk. Any ideas for how to trigger it properly?

I think the soft light could sit in the back side, next to the actual USB-C port, or perpendicular to it, then just be flush with the housing. If it’s perpendicular you could have the circuitry for the LEDs right next to each other, making it so that the lights for each card slot are close to each other. This would also allow you to automatically know exactly which slot you’re on.

Of course, this is a very low priority idea, but a neat little QoL that popped into my head. I thought those on here may find it interesting! I can come back here to explain this better and even add diagrams, but it’s currently 0300, so I will wait on that. Thanks for reading!

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Interesting. Could also act as a convenient indicator to show that you’ve remembered to disable the battery before taking it apart…