Blanks for expansion ports?



Does any know if we can get “blanks” I would love to be able to remove a couple of cards (would save some battery) and keep them in my briefcase with my other ones not in use, but for some reason I am worried about the docking bay and would feel better with a blank/filler. I realize that the docking bay usb is recessed and in theory more protected than any other one on the side, but still would like to fill the gap when not using it.


Unlike the USB-A cards mentioned in the original thread, the USB-C expansion card is electrically inert, so it sort-of acts as a blank except you can—you know—plug stuff into it. Why not one of those?

(I suspect you have a reason, but it never hurts to ask!)


If you have a 3d printer, Framework has released the CAD files for the cards on their github. You could use these to print your own blank cards to go into your expansion bays.

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DHowett. You, good sir, suspect incorrectly. LOL. My reason is complete ignorance of usb c power consumption. But since I am attorney, give me 24 hours and I will come up with some BS to justify it :smile:

Seriously, thank you for the information.


If you don’t have a 3d printer, you can also order prints through services like Shapeways or 3D Hubs. For a single print, it’s probably not super cost effective though.

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No blanks exist, but that may be an interesting card category. May be worth emailing them about?

Not super cost effective vs what? Buying 2 or 3 extra USB-C cards?

I use Snack Drawers. Plus, I can put stuff in them if I need to.