A horrible experience changing the shipping address of my order


I’m very unhappy right now because my laptop is being sent to a place where I won’t ba able to receive it. I have contacted support 4 DIFFERENT TIMES, to absolutely no avail.
Here is the full story. On August 23rd, I receive the email saying that my order is being prepared. Seeing that my order probably wouldn’t arrive in time where I am currently, I proceeded to change the default shipping address of my account because it said “Updating your default address will also update the shipping address on any unshipped pre-orders.”. Well, that turns out to be completely false. Having set a new shipping address without receiving anything, I assume everything is fine.
A few days later I receive the email asking me to complete the payment, which I do. However, I noticed that the shipping address in that email was still the old one. So I contact support to change it. Their response: the country for the shipping and billing address must match.
Ok sure so I contact them once again (a day later due to time zones) asking them to change both the shipping and billing address. Their response: you can’t change the billing address after having paid. I understand that, however I had changed my shipping address long before paying. As a quick backup plan I change my default address to the address of one of my relatives, in the same country than my old address.
So I contact them once again informing them of this mess and asking them to fix it. They ask me for proof that I successfully changed the address, so I send a screenshot I (luckily) had taken right before changing the address. In the meantime, I get the email saying that my order is being shipped… And it is getting shipped to the old address, not even the one I had set as a backup with the country requirements. In a bit of frustration I send another message to support (sorry for spamming) because I didn’t receive a response to the screenshots I had sent and it was very late. This morning I receive the response: sorry we can’t change it, please try these FedEx options (that are not available in Europe…).
And this is where I’m at right now, because changing my default shipping address did not work, and I didn’t get notified that it didn’t until it was too late. The only solution I can see now is to hope that it is possible to still change to the backup address (I am contacting support to ask)

TL;DR I changed my default shipping address thinking it would also change the shipping address for my order (which it should have) and find myself stuck with a package heading to somewhere where I can’t receive it.

If you wish to change your shipping address, I would very strongly recommend you to contact support.


Hi and welcome to the forum

There seems to be two issues

  • You wanting to change the delivery address, the topic
  • Receiving the laptop

In the first, although you don’t provide all the dates it seems you wanted Framework to change the address and it was too late to work out for you. Note it was you that wanted the change, so hardly a Framework issue and they did respond, just not to your liking.

The second issue is getting a hold of the laptop, which after all is why you went through the apparently fruitless atsk of trying to change the delivery address.

So on this issue, unless you are in lockdown, incarcerated or COVID type you could still go to the original address at your convenience or inconvenience as you have made it.

Could another person at the original address get it for you saving you the job of going there whence they can forward it to you or can pick it up later.

Of course none of my post helps practically speaking, especially if you were looking forward to receiving the laptop soon but your lengthy post I could hardly ignore.

Well hopefully you will get it one day and be so happy that you will have a laugh at the obstacles you discovered on your path to Framework Freedom from such a horrible experience.


Hey, thank you for the response.

I’ll add a bit more details concerning the timeline and my situation.

I changed my default shipping address on August 23rd, 3 days before completing the payment (email received on August 26th). According to this article, I did exactly what I needed to do to change my delivery address, which is why I’m frustrated. This article does not mention that the country for billing and shipping must match. I’d suggest maybe adding that to the article to avoid further confusion. As far as I knew, everything was in order and this situation should never have happened.

This isn’t an option for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered contacting support. I will be about 1000km from the current delivery address at least until mid October. With this in mind I’d almost be better off simply canceling my order and waiting for batch 3…

This of course is a valid point (and sadly what I will probably need to do) but I wanted to avoid it as much as possible because of the extra costs implied and the need to bother someone to do it. It would be so much easier (and cheaper and shorter) if it were delivered directly to the new address.

Well, I placed my order around mid-June and was definitely looking forward to start the year with a great new laptop and pass my current one on to a family member. This certainly adds to the frustration haha.

Also, a suggestion for the Frameworks team, maybe send a confirmation email when changing your default shipping address (confirming how it will affect your orders and stuff)? That would certainly have avoided this situation.


Ah that sucks @Archilat! Seems like you did everything as it was supposed to be done.

What you can still attempt is reaching out to support again with the full story and they might be able to offer some compensation if not, at least updating the wiki about changing the receiving address.

Hope everything works out, don’t worry it usually does! :blush: - Also, welcome to the forum!



Some very good news, the laptop got delivered 30 minutes before I left, which was very unexpected haha (the package tracking estimated a September 2nd delivery date)!

Thank you to the support team for the help and sorry for bothering you so much :sweat_smile:

Maybe not such a horrible experience after all, although quite stressful. Let’s hope that such a problem will never happen again!

You were certainly right haha! Thanks for the support!


Yes I had to complain too as it arrived a day early so it was very convenient that I was at home :slight_smile:

What a relief for you. By definition the future is unknown but our fears always tend to make us plan for it ~ then it’s not really the future any more.

It just so ‘good’ when things go ‘wrong’ and it’s just what you want.