Batch 3 shipping date?

Just curious if anyone has any ideas about when batch 3 might be shipping.

I’m not asking in order to hold anyone’s feet to the fire, but it’s supposed to ship in September and I just found out I’m moving, so if it’s due to arrive after the 24th I’ll need to update my mailing address. Due to a pretty nasty dispute with my current place I don’t expect any mail to be properly forwarded.


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Recommend you change your address to a known OK location!
Family, Work, good friend, etc. Whatever is best for you, and contact support also, to confirm.

The larger batch, (3) is broken into smaller batches depending on similar configurations, so you don’t know where you will be in the shipping schedule.

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As far as changing address, you may like to read the following.


Be sure to fill out your order on the sheet. FWOrdersCrowdsourceTrack - Google Sheets

Why would you want to use google to track your business ??

This spreadsheet isn’t created by Framework. It’s from users for users.

I avoid connecting to a google server.