Active upstream AMDGPU issues affecting Ryzen 7840U (iGPU 780M)

Hi all,

This post is just centralizing the current bug reports open upstream :

Fixed Status Link Precondition to reproduce Workaround
No Investigation ongoing ubuntu 22.04, AMD 7840, SCREEN turn white/black/stripes (#2954) · Issues · drm / amd · GitLab PSR enabled + external monitor (DP)/ Also with no external monitor Disabling PSR using amdgpu.dcdebugmask=0x10 alleviates some
No Waiting AMD (since 13 November 2023) Wayland/External display only (GNOME only?)/32G DDR5 5600/Ryzen 7840U/Linux Framework 6.1.0-1025-oem amdgpu.dcdebugmask=0x10 or use kernel == 6.6.2 (kernel to test)
No Waiting AMD USB-C dock (needed?) Swapping TTYs and reattaching the dock brings the display back online.
No Waiting on AMD Display flickering after several suspend / resume cycles (#3003) · Issues · drm / amd · GitLab Distro : Fedora 39 (Kernel version: 6.5.11-300.fc39.x86_64), sometimes when resuming from suspend (Suspend the laptop to s0ix, Open the laptop and resume it, If there is no flickering, repeat 1 and 2 with longer suspend intervals) None as of now
Fixed but upstream fix not available yet the issue seems to be fixed by upgrading the VCN firmware. A testing firmware not to be used in production amdgpu crashes sporadically when playing hardware-accelerated video in Firefox (#3005) · Issues · drm / amd · GitLab Ryzen 7840U, 32GB, Kubuntu 24.04 development, 6.6.2-060602-generic #202311200609 Mon Nov 20 06:30:47 EST 2023, Mesa 23.3.0~rc4, Ensure hardware accelerated video decoding is enabled in Firefox (media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled=true, Play YouTube videos until amdgpu crashes) Mesa issue #10198
No radeonsi on 7840U Phoenix: high power use when decoding H264 & vp09 with vaapi (software decoding is more efficient) (#10223) · Issues · Mesa / mesa · GitLab Ubuntu 6.5, mainline 6.6.2, 6.6.3 and 6.7RC2 and RC3, Mesa version: 24.0_git2311290600, KDE Plasma, kwin in Wayland. Ubuntu 23.10, Also seen on gnome in wayland, symptoms : high power use when decoding H264 & vp09 with vaapi (software decoding is more efficient) None as of now
No Investigation and logs required USB-C Dock Kensington 4 doesn’t work well, @dimitris has reported the issue on GitLab 640x480 (no EDID gets parsed)

Most of them are getting worked on by AMD and have been reported by users (of Framework laptop, and sometimes it does affect other hardware too).

Once they will be fixed, I will either edit this post or post a follow-up message.

Hoping, the drivers will soon deliver excellent stability, the BIOS 3.03 has fixed a lot of issues.

EDIT : Added issue with USB-C Kensington 4 docking station reported by @dimitris.


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This VP9 HW decoding issue (occasional video freezes, but not audio) is also affecting Phoenix. The devs have now root-caused it and are testing fixes. vaapi vp9 decoding glitches on rembrandt [Reproducer in comments] (#8044) · Issues · Mesa / mesa · GitLab