Additional RAM causes touchpad instability

I recently upgraded from 32GB of RAM (one stick) to 64GB of RAM (two sticks). After the upgrade, I’ve noticed the accuracy of the touchpad has deteriorated (specifically–there is a “wobble” every few seconds, and sometimes scrolling with two fingers does not register, for example). When I remove the additional RAM, the touchpad returns to its higher accuracy. Has anyone experienced this?


This might sound like an odd question…but are the RAM modules of the same type, frequency, etc? If two modules aren’t exact in some aspects, that may cause your problem. Sounds kinda weird that the track-pad would be affected by RAM though. Good luck


Are they ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL - I’ve had issues caused by using two 16GB RAM kits of different models, despite being same manufacturer and same frequency/timings. (G.Skill F4-3200C14-8GVK and G.Skill F4-3200C14D-8GTZR) Both kits work fine individually but put them both in the same computer at the same time and there were issues.

Have you checked you have not disturbed the ribbon cable to the touchpad and have a look at this


Thank you all for the help. After further testing, I can conclude that my premise is wrong–the touchpad instability occurs with or without the extra RAM module. It must have been by random chance that “When I remove the additional RAM, the touchpad returns to its higher accuracy.”

I will contact support regarding my touchpad issue.

@Duane_Johnson, what are the manufacture/model of the ram you are using that has the issue? And OS.

Both are from the Framework marketplace. I’m using Linux/Pop_OS. However, as mentioned in a previous post, I no longer believe it has to do with RAM. Unfortunately, the effect is intermittent, so it’s very difficult to pin down what is causing it. Some days it seems to be fine, other days it is nearly impossible to use.


My touchpad is also inconsistent. they sent me a replacement cover kit, which never fixed the issue. dragging my mouse in a linear direction will sometimes result in it curving dramatically. It’s making me furious and i cant explain why it happens. other times it will stop working entirely. Something has to be causing it.

Im running:
11th Gen Intel i5-1135G7
16GB DDR4-3200 from framework themselves
1TB WD Black SN750

Any updates?

I never did discover the cause. I no longer have the issue, but did not replace the touchpad. My best guess is that taking it apart and putting it back together somehow improved pin connections, but that is only a guess.

@Duane_Johnson Interesting. Was there a change of address for using the device? I am currently investigating how different home electricity can affect touchpad.