Advanced memory configuration and its effect on performance

I have a concern on the memory configuration I saw when Louis Rossmann was assembling his sample laptop.

Linus already covered this potential issue in:

When Louis installed his ram sticks, he had one stick with 8 chips and another with 16. This is pretty typical from Crucial, they’ll regularly configure their sticks under the same part number with different setups, whether it’s using x8 vs x16 chips or single rank vs dual rank.

Now, if Crucial sticks all run the exact same timings (not just the 22-22-22) but including tRFC, then this is no issue, and anyone that gets a dual rank stick or two gets a free tiny performance increase.

But, if these stick end up running worse tRFC like the Samsung sticks used in a lot of consumer laptops today…this can cause issues.

I’m sure this has already been addressed, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Looks like the mismatched RAM was just an accident when shipping out the review unit.