All black version?

Hey do you guys have plans for an all black version (with dark grey–not white please!–logo) a la thinkpads? Would be cool.

Oh and thanks again. This is the coolest laptop I’ve seen since the x40 came out.



I’m not bothered myself but I think you would get a big thumbs up from Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) for a matt black edition!

I don’t think there are plans because the anodizing process for the aluminum chassis would not be environmentally friendly.


I’ve already got my preorder in but I would be down for ordering a matte black chassis and bezel if the price is reasonable. Also if there was a D-Brand style skin I would be okay with that too.

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Black would be awesome!
Though not some anodized aluminum, but good quality plastic material.
Though I’m guessing that would need some redesign and wont be here soon. Still, it would be great.

Hmm they could do a space grey like macs. Would look killer imo

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