Possible Chassis Colors?

With the possibility to change the bezel color, why not produce and sell chassis to match? I for one, would LOVE a sleek navy blue laptop. Really anything other than a grey laptop in a sea of greys.


See Awesome concept, strange execution - #6 by Poyu_Chen for the rational behind the color choice (and why you’re unlikely to see other colors).

You might be interested in Colorful Decal Kits - #19 by matthew3.

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Would it be possible to offer more design choices for the chassis? I would like to see more colour options or even different shapes of the chassis.

Search for example

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I wonder,

Had anyone tried spray painting their chassis?

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I saw this and my first thought was the new Macbook Air Midnight Blue.

Then I saw this:

For Framework as a small company, having too many SKUs for casing would be though.

I am thinking of dBrand stickers though.