Possible Chassis Colors?

With the possibility to change the bezel color, why not produce and sell chassis to match? I for one, would LOVE a sleek navy blue laptop. Really anything other than a grey laptop in a sea of greys.


See Awesome concept, strange execution - #6 by Poyu_Chen for the rational behind the color choice (and why you’re unlikely to see other colors).

You might be interested in Colorful Decal Kits - #19 by matthew3.

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Would it be possible to offer more design choices for the chassis? I would like to see more colour options or even different shapes of the chassis.

Search for example

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I wonder,

Had anyone tried spray painting their chassis?

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I saw this and my first thought was the new Macbook Air Midnight Blue.

Then I saw this:

For Framework as a small company, having too many SKUs for casing would be though.

I am thinking of dBrand stickers though.

Metal/silver is cool and all, but interchangeable(mix and match maybe???) laptop bodies of different colours would be amazing, and it would help the colourful bezels not stick out as much. These would definitely get more people interested in framework, not everyone likes the silver aesthetic.

Colour ideas:

  • Black/dark grey: a common colour on laptops that looks sleek. would be very appreciated!
  • Green: probably the colour that would get me to buy a framework laptop, since it would be my favourite. There’s the microsoft surface laptop 5, which does look pretty good, but doesn’t have many ports (no HDMI or SD/microSD card reader, even on the 15 inch model?) and the processor is slightly outdated (12th gen intel). also, a green colour similar to the jade fractal design terra would look AWESOME
  • Orange: matches with the orange bezel, and would look very unique!
  • Lavender: matches with lavender bezel, and is slightly less flashy than orange or green while still being very unique.
  • Red: matches with the red bezel, even flashier than orange, and would look pretty cool! (product red maybe?)
  • more colours in the future???


Hi and welcome

Not on the cards

It doesn’t seem Framework plans to offer any colors. They said they’ve found color anodizing to be too environmentally unfriendly.

You can have any color, as long as it’s silver. “Any color […]” -Henry Ford

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that’s fair. But interchangeable outer shells would still be pretty cool, so if for example you damaged your laptop, you could replace the outer shell similar to how you would repair other parts of the laptop

You mean like the replacement parts you can already buy for years in the marketplace?

My solution to the drab silver color was to get the orange display frame and a dbrand skin. Great combination, especially for Ubuntu. Might change it up if I switch to Fedora 40 later.


Thanks for sharing! I just ordered the same kit for the framework 13 with orange bezel that I ordered yesterday. I can’t wait to see it in person.