Always-on USB support?

I have a USB-A expansion card, and was hoping that there would be support for it to always be delivering power to a plugged in device, even when the laptop is suspended. Is there a way to enable this functionality, either in software (I’m running Fedora 34) or in a future bios update? I find this feature very useful for charging my phone on my Thinkpad X270, for example.


I think if the laptop is plugged in, it will still supply power to the USB ports (not sure), but in my experience, it does power-off the ports after a while in suspension on battery power mode.

I came here with a similar request. After a minute, even with the laptop plugged in, it stopped providing power out the USB-A port to my watch-charging puck. This was running Windows 10, after un-checking “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” in the Device Manager … so I’m still looking for an always-on-USB solution to use the Framwork as a recharging station.

An option not dependent on installed OS, like a BIOS solution, would be great.

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I would like to add my support to this idea, not only is it a useful feature but it could allow for some interesting expansion cards, I am thinking something like an always on tracker.