AMD 13" Audio issue using ASIO and Dante devices

Hi there,

I’ve been having issues with audio playback and recieve using several different Dante and ASIO audio devices. Dante subscriptions drop audio, but not the subscription, after an arbitary amount of time. ASIO deivces suffer from glitching artifacts and digital background noise. I’ve tried this with all the ports on the Framework, multple hubs, no hubs, multiple different Dante and ASIO devies; as well as on antoher Framework AMD 13 (Ryzen 7) and the same problems exists. Currently working through a long running support request, but not getting very far.
Factory reset has not changed it.
Reinstalling windows has not helped.
Disabling Wi-Fi has not helped.

LatencyMon shows driver issues (pictures attached), and my attempts to resolve these so far have changed nothing.
-edit- LatencyMon shows this issue without any ASIO or Dante devices connected.

Is anyone else out there having these problems, and have they managed to solve them? Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.

Many thanks! J

System details:

Win 11 Pro
Bios 3.5
13" AMD Ryzen 5 7640U

Could that be tpm stuttering?

With windows 11 it’s kind of hard to test without tpm on to verify that.