[RESPONDED][Framework 13 AMD 7840U] HDMI Audio Stutter


I have a Framework Laptop 13 AMD with the 7840U CPU option running Arch Linux (I can attempt to reproduce the issues in a Fedora live session if need be) and I’m experiencing intermittent stuttering of HDMI audio.

It’s not happening all the time, but it does occur very frequently. The distance between audio-cut-offs varies between once or twice per second and once per tens of seconds.

I’m using PipeWire as my audio daemon.

I don’t see any logs about buffer Xruns in pipewire logs or any logs regarding HDMI audio or amdgpu driver logs in dmesg.

The issue appears to be similar to this issue someone is experiencing on a different device on a non-Framework device, so it could be a general AMDGPU HDMI Audio issue.

EDIT: It appears to only happen with one specific monitor. I will edit this once I have confirmed that it doesn’t occur with other devices.

Let us know the Make and model of this monitor, cheers! :slight_smile:

It’s an Acer XB240H.

Update: I have verified that the issue does not happen with this laptop + other monitors and does not happen with other devices and the above monitor. I will now try and reproduce the issue with multiple Linux kernel versions and/or different distros to rule out more cases.